How to: Drive LEDs – Easy Constant Current Circuit

Here's a great way to control LEDs in a constant current mode using the TLV431 shunt regulator. Courtesy: Kevin Darrah  

DIY: How to Make Flexible LED Panels

In this video we'll be making some flexible LED panels using some common components. The total cost of the project comes below Rs.5K! Courtesy: DIY Perks  

7 Segment Display Pinout | Working Understanding of 7 Segment Display

A seven-segment display is commonly used in electronic display device for decimal numbers from 0 to 9 and in some cases, basic characters. Use of light emitting diodes (LEDs) in seven...

7×5 LED Matrix Using Arduino

Presented here is a simple 7x5 LED matrix circuit vriven by Arduino Uno (Arduino LED). It can be used to display your name or create any number of patterns. If the...

How To Make an LED Bulb

In this video, the author is building a led bulb from junk parts and led strip. Only thing that is needed is a led strip and a DC adapter. Courtesy: American Hacker  

IR LED | Infrared LED | Infrared Sensor

An Infrared light emitting diode (IR LED) is a special purpose LED emitting infrared rays ranging 700 nm to 1 mm wavelength.  Different IR LEDs may produce infrared light of differing wavelengths, just...
16x2 lcd pinout

How 16×2 LCDs work | Build a basic 16×2 character LCD

We come across LCD displays everywhere around us. Computers, calculators, television sets, mobile phones, digital watches use some kind of display to display the time. An LCD is an electronic display...

Raspberry Pi and M2M Technology Power This Smart Street Lighting System

Venturing into the large-scale application market, a team of five from Bosch has come up with an indigenous smart street lighting solution, powered by Raspberry Pi, Bosch Internet of Things (IoT)...

Innovative Components for LED Lighting Systems

Business has two basic functions, namely, marketing and innovation. A general shift to light emitting diode (LED) lighting across markets is expected to drive the LED industry to the point where...

USB LED Night Light

A typical USB LED bulb shown in Fig. 1 is a 5V, 5W USB-powered solid-state lamp. At the heart of this light bulb is a circular aluminium PCB made with a...

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