Tutorial: Electrical Transformer

The basics of how transformers work, where to shop for step down mains transformers, and how to wire one up to mains voltages. European and North American wiring is discussed. DO...

Tutorial: Digital Electronics – Counter Circuits

In this video author will discuss Counter Circuits. He will cover the following topics: What are counter circuits , Ripple Counter, Duty Cycle Modulus - MOD Synchronous Counter, Asynchronous Inputs, Adjusting the...

Tutorial: what is frequency modulation (FM)

This video explains what frequency modulation (FM) is and shows a simple low powered FM radio transmitter circuit you can build. It has a range of about 20 meters.Courtesy: Afrotechmods 

Tutorial: Computer power supply unit (PSU) fault troubleshooting and repair

Video tutorial on troubleshooting computer power supply unit (PSU).Please make sure you discharge the larger capacitors as they can hold a charge even after mains are disconnected. Remember there is always...

Tutorial: Oscillators

In this video author will talk about how important oscillators are in circuits and how the three main principles work in order to create them. These are RC relaxation circuits, LC...

Tutorial: Pull Up Resistors and Buttons

Buttons giving you grief? This tutorial shows how to use a pull-up resistor to make buttons work! Whether it is a big switch or a tiny push button, one single resistor...

How to Select Your Next Development Board

Built around a microcontroller (MCU) or a microprocessor (MPU), a development board allows a learner to get the correct design, along with the required speed and convenience to create an easy,...

Tutorial: Control Arduino with Android

Adding Bluetooth to your Arduino project is simple and super awesome. This video will show you how to control your gadgets with your Android smartphone.Courtesy: GreatScott! 

Create Superlative Images with OpenCV

Open computing language, or OpenCV, as the name suggests, is an open source software that aims at computing efficiency and bettering real-time computer vision. An image processing software, OpenCV, helps us...

Tutorial: What is a zener diode?

A tutorial on zener diodes and how to use them as voltage clamps, voltage regulators, and how to create audio distortion circuits.Courtesy: Afrotechmods

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