Tutorial: Charge your phone with AA batteries

Find out how to charge your phone with AA batteries.Courtesy:GreatScott! 

Tutorial: Simple LED Desk Lamp

Here's how to build your own LED desk lamp where LEDs are connected in series and a PWM technique is used to supply voltage to LEDs. Watch this video for complete...

Arduino – Control 220V Lamps from Anywhere in the World

Download source code and schematics: click hereCourtesy: Rui Santos 

Tutorial: MOSFETs as Transistor Switches

MOSFETs are the most common transistors used today. They are switches that can be used an Arduino, BeagleBone, or Raspberry Pi. When it comes down to it, MOSFETs are pretty complicated...

Tutorial: BJTs as Transistor Switches

Transistors are electronic switches that are used to control things that would kill an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or Beaglebone. There are two major types known as a BJT and MOSFET. This...

Tutorial: Super Simple Copper Etching – Sylvia’s Mini Maker Show

Did you ever want to upgrade your bread-boarded circuits to something more permanent? Or maybe you've got a hankering to make your own metal Jewellery? Today Sylvia will show you how...

Tutorial: How Touchscreen works

Here is a simple animated video explaining how touchscreens work.Courtesy:TheCuriousEngineer 

40 Free eBooks On Signal Processing

Signal Processing incorporates all aspects of the theory and practice of analogue and digital signal processing. And because the subject is vital for electronics engineers, here's our attempt to bring some...

Collection Of 51 Free eBooks On Python Programming

To use with Raspberry Pi or to program simulation software, here's bringing 51 super helpful and free ebooks on Python programming that can help you become a python pro. Who knows...

21 Free eBooks To Help You In Computer & Engineering Mathematics

Love it or hate it, you can't escape mathematics! So here's bringing 21 free ebooks to lend you some help. Atithya Amaresh1. Engineering Analysis Publisher: Wikibooks , 2012 This book is about the topic...

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