How a Character LCD works

In this video, the presenter will guide you through Character LCD screens, its types and how to control them. He will also demonstrate one simple project explaining binary coding on LCD...

5 Free eBooks And Resources On Atmega Microcontrollers!

We know how robotic engineers love Atmega from the AVR's collection of microcontrollers. Here we bring 5 helpful resources from across the world of internet to help you work on the...

13 Places With Video Playlists And Text Tutorials On Android App Development

After the success of our recent article "5 Free E-books On Android Development!", we bring to you 13 places where you can find video and text tutorials to help you in...

Tutorial: I2C and how to use it

In this video tutorial author will present you the most important facts about the communication protocol I2C and how to use it with an Arduino. Courtesy: GreatScott!      

5 Free eBooks On Robust Control

Robust Control as a part of the control theory deals with the uncertainty in the controller design. The robust control methods are specially designed to work in uncertain parameters and disturbances....

Tutorial: Comparing the Arduino and Raspberry Pi

On the surface both the Arduino and Raspberry Pi look like the same thing: inexpensive controller boards for electronics projects. However, one is a simple 8-bit controller while the other is...

Tutorial: Oscillators

In this video author will talk about how important oscillators are in circuits and how the three main principles work in order to create them. These are RC relaxation circuits, LC...

Tutorial: Computer power supply unit (PSU) fault troubleshooting and repair

Video tutorial on troubleshooting computer power supply unit (PSU). Please make sure you discharge the larger capacitors as they can hold a charge even after mains are disconnected. Remember there is always...

Tutorial: USB Powered Mini AC

Make your own mini USB Air conditioner! All you need are some simple items to pull this off. A plastic box, some small fans, a USB cable and some ice. Courtesy: HouseholdHacker  

Power Supply Design Tips For Embedded Applications

Due to the advancement of the semiconductor industry, the technology node keeps on decreasing. This leads to lesser core voltage and higher current requirement. Also, the voltage regulators need to have...

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