15 Helpful eBooks On MATLAB!

These 15 ebooks caters to everyone from students, freshman and engineers. Happy reading. Atithya Amaresh 1. Numerical Computing with Matlab Author: by Cleve B. Moler Publisher: SIAM, 2004 This textbook provides an introductory course in numerical...

Tutorial: How to design a transistor circuit that controls low-power devices

In this video author is showing how to design a simple transistor circuit that will allow microcontrollers or other small signal sources to control low-power actuators such as solenoid valves, motors,...

Nine Cool Features On Google You Did Not Know About

Search engine giant Google can go beyond its function of being just a search engine for your queries. There are times when Google tends to surprise its users and how! Listed...

8 Free And Open Source Software For SCADA

  1. Free Scada Supported OS: Windows License: Freeware Free SCADA provides for end-users flexible tools for visualization and interactive control of any industrial process.   2. IndigoSCADA Supported OS: Windows, Linux License: GPL A small footprint SCADA system entirely...

How To Make an Inverter Using Arduino

In this video, the author is designing an inverter prototype using Arduino board. This inverter takes power from a 12V battery and generates 220V AC output. Various features of the inverter...

Introduction to Arduino Programming

Getting started with Arduino Programming can be daunting. These are slides which introduced programming concepts to non-engineers, non-programmers, but totally to those people who wanted to learn more about Arduino programming. ...

Tutorial: Control Arduino with Android

Adding Bluetooth to your Arduino project is simple and super awesome. This video will show you how to control your gadgets with your Android smartphone. Courtesy: GreatScott!  

How do transistors work?

The video covers following topics - structer of Silicon atom, doping, N type doping, P type doping, working of Diode, working of NPN transistor and dual stage amplification. Courtesy: Learn Engineering

35 Free eBooks On Control System

Here's bringing 35 absolutely free ebooks to help you with all you ever wanted to learn about various control systems. Have fun! Atithya Amaresh 1. Control Engineering Problems with Solutions Author: Derek P. Atherton Publisher:...

Tutorial: I2C and how to use it

In this video tutorial author will present you the most important facts about the communication protocol I2C and how to use it with an Arduino. Courtesy: GreatScott! https://youtu.be/_fgWQ3TIhyE