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An amazing collection of videos and slideshows for electronics engineers.


How To Make A Cheap 3D Printer

In this video, the author will show you  how to build a 3D printer for less than 7K Rs.Courtesy: Tinkernut 

Tutorial: Why Diodes are Used Around Relay Coils (Basics of Flyback or Snubber Diodes)

In this video, the author will talk about how and why dangerously high voltages can be generated from the collapse of the stored magnetic energy in the coil when they are...

Electronics For Fun: Replica of Thor’s Hammer

A replica of Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer) from The Avengers that's pretty much unliftable unless you've got author's fingerprints!Courtesy: Sufficiently Advanced 

Useful Raspberry Pi Projects

Use your favourite Raspberry Pi to solve everyday problem in office or home.Courtesy: DIY Tryin 

Hack: Adding Bluetooth to Car Stereos and Sound Systems

In this video, the author will show you how to integrate a Bluetooth receiver into a 20 year old car stereo system.Courtesy:The Post Apocalyptic Inventor 

How To: Recover Gold from Electronic Scrap

In this video tutorial the author is showing how to recover gold from electronic circuit board scrap. Specifically the gold plating that is found on the board connector edge also known...

How To: Make Cordless Electric Screwdriver Tool From Micro Servo Under 6$!

In this video, the author is building an USB powered rechargeable cordless electric screwdriver power tool from micro servo motor under 6$.Courtesy: Kedar Nimbalkar 

How To: Arduino Garden Controller – Automatic Watering and Data Logging

Make your own automatic garden controller using your favourite arduino board.Now no more worries about watering the plants manually by hands.Courtesy: Grady Hillhouse 

Tutorial: Control Arduino with Android

Adding Bluetooth to your Arduino project is simple and super awesome. This video will show you how to control your gadgets with your Android smartphone.Courtesy: GreatScott! 

Use Arduino to Switch Power On and Off!

In this video, the author is showing how he connected $10 SainSmart 8 Channel DC 5V Relay Module to an Arduino microcontroller (You can also connect Raspberry Pi) and how how...

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