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Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory

Presentation on Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory.Semiconductor Diodes Diodes Diode Characteristics Semiconductor Materials Doping p-n Junctions Diode Operating Condition Actual Diode Characteristics Majority an and Minority Carriers Zener Region Forward...

Arduino based intelligent greenhouse Project

A complete greenhouse monitoring and controlling system ,that is automated, updating each and every detail on internet that can be accessed from anywhere. For sensors, it uses a light sensor, temperature...

Basic Electronics: Microcontroller Course on ATMEGA328

Contents: Analog Electronics • The Components of Electricity.• The Resistor.• Ohm’s Law.• The Capacitor.• The Inductor.• The Diode.• The Transistor.• Relays.• OP-Amps. Digital Electronics • Introduction to Decimal, Binary and Hexadecimal.• Introduction to...

Working of a Touchscreen

This presentation includes working of a touchscreen. Its types, advantages and disadvantages.Touchscreen PPT from 76 Degree Creative

Piezoelectric Based Energy Harvesting

Contents: • Introduction • Simple molecular model • Energy Harvesting • Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting • Sources of vibration for crystal • Applications of piezoelectricity • ConclusionPiezoelectric electric based energy harvesting from Subash John

Introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy

This presentation will give you a brief tutorial on Bluetooth Low Energy.Introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy from yeokm1

Introduction to Windows IoT via Raspberry Pi 3

Learn how to run motors and servo's, build information radiators, communicate with Azure IoT, and even serve up web pages using Microsoft's smallest operating system: Windows IoT and a Raspberry Pi...

Electronics Projects List for Engineers

This presentation includes various Electronics projects idea for college students and professionals. This presentation includes 100 best projects ideas which are all having high demand and are used for real life purpose...

Notes: 8051 Microcontroller

This presentation includes all informative notes/tutorial on 8051 microcontroller.8051 Microcontroller Notes from MURTHY Y.N

Power Saving in Wireless Sensor Networks

Contents of presentation: 1. Studied Paper 2. Introduction 3. Power Consumption in WSNs 4. Sleep-wake Scheduling 5. MAC Protocol for WSN 6. In-network Processing 7. Network Coding 8. Communication ProtocolPower Saving in Wireless Sensor Networks from...