An amazing collection of slideshows and presentations for electronics engineers!

Smart Materials for DIY Projects

An overview of few special materials, most of which are available commercially and can be used on DIY projects.Smart Materials for DIY Projects from Catarina Mota

Tutorial: POR, LVD, WDT

This presentation will help you understand various terms such as Power-On-Reset, Low Voltage Detection and Watchdog Timer.What is POR,LVD,WDT ? from Pantech ProLabs India Pvt Ltd

PIC-Microcontroller Tutorial For Beginners

PIC-Microcontroller programming based on Mikro C IDE.PIC-MICROCONTROLLER TUTORIALS FOR BEGINNERS from vishnukp660

Smart Wireless Surveillance Monitoring using RASPBERRY PI

This is a presentation on project "Smart Surveillance Monitoring System Using Raspberry Pi". It includes the full details of the procedure , component description and the screenshots.Smart Wireless Surveillance Monitoring...

Introduction To Arduino Development Board

An introduction to the Arduino platform with some examples and links.Arduino Lecture 1 - Introducing the Arduino from Eoin Brazil

Understanding Flip-Flop

Upon completion of this presentation you should be able to:1. Understand different types of Flip-Flop, Truth tables, Symbols, Timing diagrams and its application in Logic circuits.2. Construct different types of Flip...

Next-Generation Virtuoso Platform Featuring Advanced Analog Verification Technologies and 10X Performance Improvements

Click here to access a copy of the PPT presentation regarding this launch: Virtuoso PressDeck Cadence Design Systems today announced the delivery of the next-generation Virtuoso® platform which offers designers an average of 10X...