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DIY: GPS SMS Security Tracking System For Your Vehicle

In this project, the presenter will combine a SIM5320 3G module with an Arduino and a piezoelectric transducer as a shock sensor in order to create a security tracking system that...

Power Electronic Devices

Power electronics devices are the devices that can be directly used in the power processing circuits to convert or control electric power. Let us know more about it in the presentation given...

DIY: How to Install Android 7.1 on a Raspberry Pi

In this video, the presenter will show you how to install Android 7.1 Nougat on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with RTAndroid.RT Android downloads: click hereCourtesy: MakeUseOf 

How to use 16×2 LCD with Arduino

In this video, the presenter will be demonstrating how to start using a 16x2 LCD with an Arduino. The first example displays a static text message and number of seconds since...

“Deep Learning”: Deep Dive Into Large Data

Understand why we need deep learning and how it is relevant to current engineering problems. Get introduced to application areas of deep learning related to signal processing and computer vision. Kick...

TV Remote becomes an RF Remote

In this video, the author will show you how he used the popular nRF24L01+ RF IC to adjust the brightness of an LED strip wirelessly through three useless buttons of a...

DIY Video: Candle Powered USB Charger Lamp

Here's a tutorial that would teach you how to harvest the heat of candles to charge USB devices and at the same time use it as a candle lamp!Parts List:- Digital...

Role Of IoT In Smart Cities

IoT Platform for Sustainable Smart Cities: Smart cities are a concoction of people, governance, technology and environment. Internet of Things or IoT plays a major role in cementing the distinct blocks of...

Smarter Ecosystems With Smarter Homes

This video os based on the talk that happened on the 13th of January at India Electronics Week 2016.In this conference talk, the speakers will discuss opportunities, challenges and solutions in developing and...

Smart Governance Through Smart City

This video os based on the talk that happened on the 13th of January at India Electronics Week 2016.Smart Governance is an integral part of a Smart City. While adoption of...