An amazing collection of videos for electronics engineers!


DIY: HDTV Antenna

Build this easy HDTV Antenna and get FREE TV! Eliminate cable and satellite!Get the antenna template: click here 

Hack: TV Remote Controlled Electronics

With an infrared sensor and an Arduino, you can program your TV remote to control all sorts of things.Courtesy: Make: 

Paperduino: How to Print a Paper Arduino

Make a paper Arduino with Circuit Scribe and a Pen Plotter!Get Circuit Scribe: click hereSee the step by step Instructable: click hereCourtesy: Electroninks 

Make Your own Paper Plate Speaker

Here's how to make a real working paper plate speaker for under 100INR.Courtesy: Grant Thompson - "The King of Random" 

Protect Your Home with Lasers!

Here is an easy to make, low cost laser beam security system that beats anything.Courtesy: KipKay 

DIY: Infrared Pulse Sensor

In this video, the author will show you how to make your own Infrared Pulse Sensor.For more information click hereCourtesy: Make: 

DIY: The First Telephone

This video demonstrates how to construct a working model of Alexander Graham Bell's first telephone. The author has used wood, copper, spring etc. to construct this. Let us see how it...

Tutorial: Super Simple FM Transmitter

FM transmitters can be complicated to build, but not this one — it's about the easiest you can possibly make. And though the science of radio is well understood, there's a...

Tutorial: How to Make Computer Power Supply Adapter

It is always good to reuse and repurpose old electronics. This project shows you how to build an adapter that can turn an old computer power supply into a bench power...

How to: Drive LEDs – Easy Constant Current Circuit

Here's a great way to control LEDs in a constant current mode using the TLV431 shunt regulator.Courtesy: Kevin Darrah