An amazing collection of videos for electronics engineers!


What Is A Magnetometer?

“The earth is a giant magnet, with an axial tilt of about 23.5°,” reminds you of the stuff you read in geography books. Adding science makes it much more fun when...

Video Tutorial: Basics Of Soldering

In this video, the author is going to give you a brief overview on "How to solder?" i.e. basics of soldering. He also guides you through various aspects of soldering, tips...

Decapping Integrated Circuits (ICs)

In this video tutorial, the presenter is removing epoxy packaging from chips to expose the die or in simple words decapping some chips. This involves using fuming nitric acid. The process starts...

TV Remote becomes an RF Remote

In this video, the author will show you how he used the popular nRF24L01+ RF IC to adjust the brightness of an LED strip wirelessly through three useless buttons of a...

Tutorial: What is Voltage?

What is voltage and what does it do? Learn about volts, coulombs, joules, power supplies and more in this video! Courtesy: Afrotechmods

DIY Video: Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror

In this video, the authors will provide you detailed instructions on how to make an easy raspberry pi powered home smart mirror. A smart mirror displays applications so that you can...

DIY: Mini Spy FM Transmitter

In this video, the author is going to make a mini FM transmitter. By using this FM transmitter you can broadcast your own FM radio station within the neighborhood. You need to...

How To Make a simple Arduino Ohmmeter

In this video, the presenter will be making a simple, but quite accurate Arduino ohmmeter. This project requires only a few components: an Arduino development board, a breadboard, 3 jumper wires and...

Video Tutorial For Beginners: Active Filter

In this video, the presenter is talking about active filter, its basic design, and how it differs from the passive filter. You can find the notes for this video at: click here Courtesy: humanHardDrive

Tutorial: How LEDs and Resistors Work And Why You Need To Use Them Together

In this video, the author is going to teach you about current limiting resistors and why we use them. He also explains how Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) work and why we...