An amazing collection of videos for electronics engineers!


Tutorial: How to Make Computer Power Supply Adapter

It is always good to reuse and repurpose old electronics. This project shows you how to build an adapter that can turn an old computer power supply into a bench power...

Building a Pen Plotter with two old CD drives, a servo and a Raspberry...

In this video, the author is creating a home made pen plotter by using just two old CD drives, a servo and a Raspberry Pi. For more information about the project: click...

The First Electric Motor

Michael Faraday launched a torrent of innovation and discovery when he demonstrated the first electric motor. This video discusses this important early device, including a demonstration of a working model of...

Make Your Own Soldering Station

In this video, the presenter is constructing his own soldering station using an Arduino developement board. Edit schematic and convert it into PCB here: click here

Arduino WebRadio player

In this video, the presenter would be building an Arduino WebRadio player based on ENC28J60 ethernet module and a VS1053B MP3 / AAC / WAV decoder. The WebRadio player has 14 predefined...

New IPEmotion With Advanced Data Analysis And Acquisition Of High-Speed Measurement Signals

IPETRONIK presents new IPEmotion version with advanced functions for the data analysis and acquisition of high-speed measurement signals, and is now making the latest version of its measurement data logging software available...

Constructing One Watt Audio Amplifier Using LM386

In this video, the presenter is going to build a simple mono one watt audio amplifier using the popular LM386 class AB IC. It costs less than INR 200 ($3) in parts! Courtesy: Afrotechmods

How to reuse the old LCD Screen of your broken Laptop!!

Having a second monitor for your PC is really helpful sometimes. In this video, the author will turn the LCD Screen of a broken laptop into a nice looking second monitor...

World’s Simplest Remote Controlled LED Light

Make a remote controlled LED circuit with only using photodiode and white LED light, no Electronic IC's are Required! The Photo diode is connected in series with an LED and placed in...

Protect Your Home with Lasers!

Here is an easy to make, low cost laser beam security system that beats anything. Courtesy: KipKay