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Short DIY Video: Control room lights using your PC

In this video, the presenter is going to build a system which is is capable of controlling the room light and fan using a personal computer. He has used Arduino Nano,...

Solar Inverter

A solar inverter converts the Direct Current (DC) output of a PV solar panel into a utility frequency Alternating Current (AC) that can be fed into a commercial electrical grid or...

Why a Star-Delta Starter is Needed?

How does an Induction motor start? In order to start a high power rating induction motor, a starting technique called star-delta is used. In this video, the presenter will help you understand...

Beginner’s DIY: Create a Lemon Battery

Creating a battery from a lemon is a common project in many science text books. Successfully creating one of these devices is not easy. This video demonstrates how to construct and...

Relays vs Motor Driver IC’s | How to use Relays | DIY Relay Motor...

In this video, the presenter will show you the comparison between the Motor Driver IC's L293D, L298, Relays and which one is best for hobbyist and DIYers. He will also compare...
Puzzle Box Mini Game Using Arduinovideo

DIY: Puzzle Box Mini Game Using Arduino

In this video, the presenter will be constructing an arcade style puzzle box mini game using Arduino Development board. The objective of the game is to adjust the knobs so each...

DIY: 8-Bit Breadboard Computer

In this video, the presenter is going to show you how he built an 8-bit single-instruction breadboard computer Courtesy: Julian Ilett
Deep learning basics

Deep Learning | Diving into Artificial Intelligence

Deep Learning is a sub-field of machine learning concerned with algorithms inspired by the structure and function of the brain artificial neural networks. Deep learning hopes to make learning algorithms much...

Video Tutorial: How an accelerometer works

The accelerometer is defined as an instrument for measuring the acceleration of a moving or vibrating body. In this video, the presenter will explain the working of an accelerometer. Courtesy: Afrotechmods

Basics of Light Emitting Diode (LED)

In this video, the author is going to give you a tutorial on Light Emitting Diode (LED) basics. In this tutorial, he will be explaining basic construction, working applications of LED,...

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