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How To: Make A Custom Library In EAGLE PCB Design & Schematic Software

In this video, the presenter will show you how to design a custom library in EAGLE software. You can use these libraries while creating your future projects on Eagle. Courtesy: Shailza Kant Pandey

Solutions Proposed By 60 Smartcities

The 60 approved Smart Cities have all submitted their proposals on solutions required to make their cities ‘smart’. This includes a set of IoT-powered requirements. The talk aims to provide an...

Next-Generation Virtuoso Platform Featuring Advanced Analog Verification Technologies and 10X Performance Improvements

Click here to access a copy of the PPT presentation regarding this launch: Virtuoso PressDeck Cadence Design Systems today announced the delivery of the next-generation Virtuoso® platform which offers designers an average of 10X...

Introduction To Arduino Development Board

An introduction to the Arduino platform with some examples and links. Arduino Lecture 1 - Introducing the Arduino from Eoin Brazil

DIY: Solar USB Charger with Battery Backup

In this video, the author is going to show you how to make your own solar USB charger using the following items with inbuilt battery backup. Materials:USB female end,5V regulator, 2 diodes,...

Ultimate Battery Backup Hack/Mod.

In this video author takes an APC battery backup and modify it to have 3 direct DC output jacks as well as an LED display with voltage readout. This gives him...

Microsoft Enabling Digital Transformation Through IoT

You may have read how Microsoft customers such as ThyssenKrupp Elevator and Rockwell Automation are applying Internet of Things (IoT) concepts to transform their business. Their deployments reflect the bottom-line impact...

Tutorial: Control Arduino with Android

Adding Bluetooth to your Arduino project is simple and super awesome. This video will show you how to control your gadgets with your Android smartphone. Courtesy: GreatScott!  

DIY: Controlling Room lights and Fan Using an IR Remote

In this video, the author is trying to construct a system by which one can easily control room lights and fan using any IR remote. Parts used: Arduino nano IR receiver Remote ...

Learn Arduino In Just 15 Minutes

In this video, the presenter has given a brief tutorial on Arduino, especially for beginners. Learn how to choose an Arduino development board Various project examples on dimming LEDs, build a motor speed...

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