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An amazing collection of videos and slideshows for electronics engineers.


Video Tutorial: How Anti-Theft Tags Work (Magnetostriction)

Anti-theft tags contain a tiny mechanical oscillator that is activated by a magnetic field. The detectors at a shop's doorway can detect the oscillation magnetically. The tag can be activated and...

DIY Video: Candle Powered USB Charger Lamp

Here's a tutorial that would teach you how to harvest the heat of candles to charge USB devices and at the same time use it as a candle lamp! Parts List: - Digital...

Building Secure, Flexible IoT Platforms

This video os based on the talk that happened on the 13th of January at India Electronics Week 2016. The IoT industry needs to develop organically and robustly through the work of...

Intel Plus AI: Unleashing The Experiences Of Tomorrow

This talk would be about the impacts of IoT, AI and analytics in tomorrow’s world. The speaker would discuss the Market opportunity for AI and IoT in a broad spectrum. He...

DIY: Super Hearing Aid

How to make "Stereo Super Ears" to allow you to hear very faint noises that you would normally not be able to hear. This device uses an op-amp to amplify a...

Micropython of Things

MicroPython is a lightweight and quick version of the Python 3 programming language optimised specifically to run on a micro controller. MicroPython and the ESP8266 board compliment each other like a...

The Art of Measuring Magnetic Fields

“The earth is a giant magnet, with an axial tilt of about 23.5°,” reminds you of the stuff you read in geography books. Adding science makes it much more fun when...

Tutorial: How to design a transistor circuit that controls low-power devices

In this video author is showing how to design a simple transistor circuit that will allow microcontrollers or other small signal sources to control low-power actuators such as solenoid valves, motors,...

How To Control Your Home Appliances Using Raspberry Pi ECHO

In this video, the author is going to tell you how to control your home appliances like turning lights on/off or sending reminders to your smartphones using a Raspberry Pi ECHO. Do...

Construct your own Amazon Echo Using Raspberry Pi

In this video, the author is going to make a alternative to Amazon Echo using a Raspberry Pi. He will show how you can install AVS client on to you RPi board...

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