World’s Top 20 MCU Project Ideas


The role of a micro controller in the life of a design engineer is immense. These provide integrated solutions for engineers incorporating multiple peripherals along with the much needed processor in a small sized module. You might have one lying in your electronics spare parts box. Let’s put them to good use with some micro controller project ideas. This list of top 20 micro controller project ideas might come in handy if you plan on something.

Micro controller Project Ideas: Restaurant menu ordering system

In these modern days the number of restaurants are increasing. They also require very fast processing for serving food to the customers. With the increasing number of customers, it would require more manpower, since the current situation has become hectic for the restaurants. Also changes in the hardcopy of the menu can’t happen.

This project is available at: Restaurant menu ordering system

Fridge Temperature and Humidity Indicator

We can measure temperature and humidity inside the fridge using a normal temperature-humidity indicator but relative humidity (RH) could be inaccurate in that case. The moment the fridge door is opened, RH will shoot up due to ingress or egress of moisture in the surroundings. The small sniffer device, described in this project, picks up temperature and humidity from inside the fridge and transmits on an RF link to a nearby receiver unit. The receiver unit checks the received code, identifies the right sniffer device and displays live temperature and humidity.

This project is available at: Fridge Temperature and Humidity Indicator

ATmega16A Based GPS Receiver

A global positioning system (GPS) receiver uses information from the satellites to get precise geographical location. It not only gives information about location but also information like time, date, height and speed. The project here demonstrates how to get location (latitude and longitude), time, date, speed and course-angle information using a GPS receiver. It uses 8-bit AVR microcontroller (MCU) ATmega16A to get data from the GPS receiver.

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This project is available at: ATmega16A Based GPS Receiver

Ultrasonic Radar

Radar systems have a number of defence as well as civil applications. A transmitter, transmits a beam towards the target. This is reflected by the target as an echo signal. The reflected signal is received by a receiver. This receiver processes the received signal and provides information about the presence of a target, distance, position (moving or stationary) or speed. This is displayed on a display unit.

This project is available at: Ultrasonic Radar


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