World’s Top 20 PIC MCU Project Ideas


For engineers, PIC microcontroller has been a godsend. Most often this is the choice of microcontroller for project implementation. We compiled a list of 20 PIC microcontroller projects ideas for electronics engineers. The projects range from alarm clock to implementing IoT ideas.

PIC microcontroller projects ideas: Alarm clock-cum-temperature indicator

This PIC microcontroller (MCU) based easy-to-construct gadget from EFY archives, combines a clock with a temperature indicator in the same display. The display uses four 7-segment common-anode LEDs. It shows the clock, and in every minute for five seconds the display alternates to show the temperature in °C. An alarm facility with buzzer is also provided.

This project is available at: Pic projects: Alarm clock-cum-temperature indicator

IoT Wi-Fi Temperature-Logging System

Here is a temperature data-logging system based on PIC16F887 microcontroller (MCU), Wi-Fi and ThingSpeak application programming interface (API). ThingSpeak is an open source Internet of Things (IoT) application and API. It stores and retrieves data from things over the Internet. It enables you to collect, store, analyse, visualise and act on the data received from sensors or electronic circuits.

This project is available at: IoT Wi-Fi Temperature-Logging System

Digital Temperature Controller

Digital temperature controller is an essential instrument in the field of electronics, instrumentation and control automation for measuring and controlling temperatures. It can be used as much at homes as in industrial applications. Presented here is a low-cost microcontroller-based temperature controller. It can read and control temperatures in the range of zero to 1000ºC. Real-time temperature is displayed on its LCD screen. You can use it to control the temperature within the preset minimum and maximum range.

This project is available at: Digital Temperature Controller

Time-Controlled Switch

A time-controlled switch is an automatic timer switch that turns an appliance ‘on’ for the desired time duration. After the preset time duration, the timer automatically switches off, disconnecting the appliance from the power supply. The time duration for the appliance can be set from 1 to 99 minutes. This switch obviates the need to continuously monitor the appliance—an advantage over the manual switch. Switching appliances in a timely manner increases the life and also saving on power consumption.

This project is available at: Time-Controlled Switch

Temperature Monitoring System

Temperature monitoring and control is important in industry environments. Sensors are widely used for measurement of temperature. A temperature sensor converts temperature into an equivalent voltage output, so here we use LM35 to do the task. This project describes a simple temperature measurement and display system based on LM35 sensor and PIC16F877A microcontroller. The temperature in degrees celsius is displayed on a 16×2 LCD.

This project is available at: Temperature Monitoring System

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