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Simple Automatic Water-Level Controller

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  • Simple Automatic Water-Level Controller

    Sunil Kumar

    Water-level controllers are common nowadays. The one described here is built around timer NE555 and inverter buffer CMOS IC CD4049. It uses readily-available, low-cost components, and is easy to build and install on the over-head tank (OHT) to prevent wastage of water.

    Fig. 1: Simple water level controller
    The circuit works off a 12V battery or 230V AC mains using a 12V adaptor. The three sensors built from non-corrosive metal are fitted to the OHT as shown in Fig. 2 and connected to the circuit (Fig. 1) at appropriate terminals. Power supply terminal Vcc is at the bottom of the tank, sensor terminal L is just above the bottom of the tank and sensor terminal H is at the top of the tank. After you have properly installed the sensors in the OHT and connected the power supply, the circuit is ready to use.

    Since Vcc terminal is at the bottom of the tank, when the water level falls below sensor L, timer IC2 is triggered at pin 2 via inverters N1 and N2 and its output goes high. As a result, the output of timer IC2 goes high. Relay RL1 energises and the motor starts filling water in the tank. The motor remains ‘on’ even when the water level crosses sensor L.

    Fig. 2: Sensor installation in the overheadtank (OHT)
    As water in the tank rises to touch sensor H, timer IC2 is retriggered at pin 6 via inverters N3 and N4 and as a result, its output goes low. The relay de-energises and the motor stops filling water in the tank. The motor remains ‘off’ even when the water level falls below sensor H.

    As water is consumed and its level falls below sensor L, the motor restarts. Thereafter, the cycle repeats.

    You can also manually start and stop the motor using switch S1.


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    Post Comment | 28 Comments

    Bharadwaj   565 days ago

    similar project was published previously but this project is simple. I like it.
    narzad   554 days ago

    please give the details of the sensors to be usedin this circuit.
    vaibhav   552 days ago

    sir ur circuit is really good but i wanted to know that how to make it without connecting it to motor and how to add a hooterhorn in to the circuit to identify the various water levels so that making a user enable to switch ON and switch OFF ..plsssss send me the modified circuit on my email id ..
    Bharat Mistri   547 days ago

    sir please send me pcb layout for simple automatic water level controller on my mail mbaelectronics@gmail.com
    naveen   546 days ago

    hello sir please guide me how to control lower tank and upper tank with same circuit .
    Reply   1 Reply
    lalit   540 days ago

    hello sunil sir please send me a complete detail on my mail id pcb layout
    SH.A.ALI   543 days ago

    SIR.I wanted to the following things 1.why two inverters are used at each input instead of one ?2.how exactly the motor is to be connected to the relay?3.what if there are two tanks instead of one?4.also can you send the PCB layout design. Waiting for an early reply.THANK YOU.
    manjunath havali   542 days ago

    nice this project but how placed the senser are in this tank. water are damaged the sensers. tell me idea for how placed the sensers
    m.paulraj   532 days ago

    sir please send me pcb layout for simple automatic water level controller on my mail paul.mer333@gmail.com
    Dinesh Patil   530 days ago

    sir please send me pcb layout for simple automatic water level controller on my mail dx.patil@gmail.com
    arfan ahmad   526 days ago

    sir please send me pcb layout for simple automatic water level controller on my mail arfanahmad92@gmail.com
    Bivesh kumar   526 days ago

    Sir Elaborate the use of relay in this circuit and how to fit this relay on PCB board
    sandeshg   522 days ago

    how to sense the level of the water in the tank. atleast 3 levels
    j manimaran   518 days ago

    Dear Sir Can I get the complete component list and other details?
    sanjay jhaveri   505 days ago

    sir this is best project please give PCB layout or if you had pcb than please reply me on my mailjhaveri.sanjay@ymail.
    pooja   505 days ago

    hello sircan we use the circuit without using sensors..? we can use relay insted
    Ramkumar   505 days ago

    Are you not checking if water is present in sump or not?If not then the motar will get burnt
    Aniruddh   469 days ago

    Please send me the pcb layout and which sensors have you used ? can u plz help me out ?
    Reply   1 Reply
    Efy Admin   453 days ago

    This circuit was published under "Circuit Ideas" section. In earlier issues, we do not provide PCB layout for this section. We have started providing PCB layout from January 2013 onwards. So the PCB layout for the mentioned circuit is not available, sorry.
    Mukesh Kumar   449 days ago

    Sir you are giving 12v vcc for the lower sensor. Does that 12v create shock in water or not. Please reply.
    ganesh   410 days ago

    i know that how to connect this automatic water level controller in a washing achine. please sent me some details about it sir
    sensor details   352 days ago

    sir please send the sensor details in this mail id. sekarmani10@gmail.com
    sunil   294 days ago

    please send the sensor part no and details
    santhosh ss   202 days ago

    please give me components details & also Sensor type specification.
    varun   199 days ago

    how much current is required for the desire circuit?
    jayaram   55 days ago

    sirpls send the pcb layout and complete detail of tis project with the use of sensors and relays
    Ahamed kabeer   49 days ago

    sir please send me pcb layout for simple automatic water level controller on my mail 25kabeer100@gmail.com

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