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Versatile Object Counter

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    First published on: 1-7-2012

    Versatile Object Counter

    I.V. Shravan

    Object counters are extensively used in industries. Normally, these are made of expensive microcontrollers or processors. For small-scale industries, this means a lot of cost. Here is a simple circuit that can count objects without using any costly microcontroller. The circuit is good for those who are not familiar with programming of microcontrollers. Moreover, there is the flexibility of increasing the count using a small expansion circuit.

    Fig. 1: Object counter circuit
    The object counter circuit is shown in Fig. 1 and the expansion circuit in Fig. 2. For instance, to count the objects IR transmitter (IR LED1) is placed on one side of the conveyor belt on which objects move. On the other side is a phototransistor L14F1 (T1) that senses the transmitted IR beam. When an object passes between the transmitter and receiver, it obstructs the IR beam. This pulls the base of npn transistor BC547 (T2) high, driving the transistor into saturation and pulling the trigger pin (pin 2) of NE555 timer low.

    The NE555 timer (IC1) is configured as a monostable multi-vibrator that generates a pulse of 330ms duration. This monostable output is given as clock to dual up-counter CD4518 (IC2). IC2 increments on every positive edge of the clock, giving a BCD output on pins 3 to 6. The purpose of NE555 timer is to prevent signal debouncing from transistor T2. NE555 timer gives a perfect clock pulse.

    Fig. 2: Expansion circuit
    When the BCD count reaches 9, IC2 is reset by AND gate N1 (IC4), simultaneously sending a clock signal to counter CD4518 (IC5) of the expansion circuit (if used). This BCD value is given to seven-segment display driver 74LS47 (IC3), which displays the number on seven-segment display DIS1. The count can be easily increased by connecting E1 pin from IC4 in Fig. 1 to E1 pin of the expansion circuit in Fig. 2. The E2 pin in Fig. 2 can be used to clock another similar expansion circuit. This way the objects’ count can be increased as desired by simply adding an expansion circuit.


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    commentPost Comment | 31 Comments

    Najim Patel   1109 days ago

    Nice project.
    Amey Gargava   1108 days ago

    plz tell me the value of resistors which are used with seven segment display
    commentReply   4 Replies
    GWL   1024 days ago

    You can calculate it yourself. Depending on display color you have different Vf for each segment you can look up in the datasheet.R5V-VfIfe.g. for a red display 5V-1.6V20mA 170ohms next E12 value is 180 ohms.
    Satheeshsmart   843 days ago

    Better to use 1K resistor.It Suits Best
    shravan   1105 days ago

    u can directly connect or use 470 ohms
    Boss   1083 days ago

    Thats an apt answer to an iternetsing question
    sandeep khatkar   1103 days ago

    is it necessary to connect expansion circuit
    commentReply   1 Reply
    sumir   1067 days ago

    It is not Neccesay....It is just in case if you need to count more than 9I mean You cant Count More than 0-9 without Expansion circuit
    sakthi   1102 days ago

    can connect E2 directly to same 555 opif its connect same op will display in expansion 7 segment ?
    avinash   1086 days ago

    how is the transistor BC547 acting as a switch
    commentReply   1 Reply
    vicky   1081 days ago

    Siri am monthly subscriber of this megzine...plz send me pcb layout of versatile object counter...
    nimitha   1084 days ago

    can i have applications of this project
    BASIL BABY   1081 days ago

    very nice project thanx efy
    Sudip Mandal   1062 days ago

    is that circuit will run if I use LF4G1 photo transistor?
    subhransu das   1040 days ago

    without using li4fi can we use photodiode ir receiver tsop 1133
    subhransu das   1040 days ago

    can any one mail me or post the pcb design for this circuit
    nikil   1002 days ago

    Can u please give the value of resistors attached to seven segment display
    commentReply   3 Replies
    Arul   989 days ago

    any one send a report to this projects...
    commentReply   1 Reply
    caroline   932 days ago

    did u get the report for this project? i need it too as reference. need help with understanding the exact working of the circuit.
    commentReply   1 Reply
    RAGA   787 days ago

    If you have project report plz send to nani.ragasumanth@gmail.com
    arul   989 days ago

    u calculate output of the IC3 and put the resistance value depends upon the 7 segment display..
    arul   983 days ago

    use 150 ohm resister...
    monisha   989 days ago

    one sensor and counter s to this work..for what this project was used... any reason to take this circuit...
    sam   983 days ago

    hey ir beam which i connected is nt emitting any thing.der is no vtg showin across the polarities of the beam.the number doesnt changes as i move the object between the beam nd the phototransistor
    Noel Thomas Nicholas   911 days ago

    The IC 4518 is CMOS while the rest are TTL. To reset the display from 9 to 0 the AND gate must send a HIGH signal to the Reset Pin of the 4518 IC. However since the AND is TTL and the counter is CMOS it does not drive the expansion circuit. I faced this problem while implementing this project. I used the TTL IC 7493 - counter - to solve this problem. 7490 is also another option.
    Raja   839 days ago

    i want pcb layout plzzzzzzzzzzzzz. kindly post it quickkkk.my mail is rajavenkat74@gmail.com
    pooja   730 days ago

    what about the base terminal of the phototransistor ?should we ground it or keep it open ?i am not getting the required output .
    commentReply   1 Reply
    madhuri   237 days ago

    me too having d sam prblm.. what abt base terminal of T1 L14F1... n if anybdy hvig layout of d sam ckt plz send it on mwmadfun@gmail.com
    commentReply   1 Reply
    rajan   188 days ago

    if u have got the pcb layout can u please forward me at rajansutarcs@gmail.com. Badly need it
    babu   642 days ago

    sir pls send the pcb layout design for this circuit as soon as possible sir....pls
    Rangwardhan   576 days ago

    can we use 2N5777 instead of L14F1..???

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