Today’s start-ups and greenfield offices require phone systems, data routers, wireless access points, LAN, fixed cellular terminals and voice gateways. NAVAN CNX200 is a converged voice and data platform for small set-ups and branch offices with up to 24 IP users. It helps to get rid of buying and maintaining separate devices for office communication.

NAVAN also helps cut down costs associated with multiple repairs, annual maintenance costs and pay checks of voice and IT staff to maintain day-to-day business communication. Advanced features of NAVAN CNX200 provide customers with big-business capabilities, boost staff productivity and enhance collaboration with customers and suppliers.

NAVAN has built-in IP-PBX, integrated data router, eight-port network switch, Wi-Fi access point, IPsec/SSL virtual private networking (VPN), firewall, policy based access and mobility features. Easy-to-use-and-manage, NAVAN reduces the overhead of skilled manpower, simplifies infrastructure by cutting cords and saves space and energy costs.

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NAVAN offers more than just the sum of different devices working in silos. It scores high compared to stand-alone IP-PBXes and routers sold in the market. Besides, it offers advanced features, such as multi wide area network (WAN), VPN, e-mail to SMS, computer telephony integration (CTI) and specialised Android/iPhone softphone with unified-communication features.


Another unique aspect is its price, as NAVAN costs 30 per cent or lesser as compared to the individual devices put together. Integration of its all-in-one functionality eliminates rat’s nest infrastructure as NAVAN works on the same data networks in the office. With easy-to-manage settings, NAVAN saves money by eliminating the need of skilled manpower to manage voice and data set-up in the office.

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Integrated design
NAVAN is a unique blend of diverse technologies. Let us take a brief look at what made the integration in NAVAN possible.

Multi-layer PCB approach. Matrix NAVAN uses a six-layer PCB design, making it ideal for a multi-tasking device, while maintaining reliability. Conventionally, products with similar functionality make use of a single- or dual-layer PCB for saving cost. This makes those products bulky, non-reliable and prone to more downtime. Multi-layer PCB approach used in Matrix NAVAN enhances high-speed circuit operations, provides more space for semiconductors and consumes less power to support Green IT approach.

Distributed processing architecture. Matrix NAVAN is an integration of various technologies, such as VoIP, GSM, UMTS/HSPA, wireless LAN and TDM. In the distributed processing architecture used in NAVAN, each processing module handles only specific tasks to achieve the highest level of reliability. For instance, different processors are used for major modules like VoIP, network, etc. All interfaces of the product are employed in one common platform. This helps NAVAN achieve its core objective, an all-in-one platform. All chips and interface modules have been designed to be as compact as possible. The use of no moving parts and a fan-less design has increased the device’s reliability with minimum downtime.

Compact form-factor. The compact product structure or the placement of parts is designed in such a way that the real estate is saved greatly. Usage of advanced miniature components and parts, and multi-layer PCB design, also helped make the product more compact. The product is compatible enough with any type of installation scenario, including wall mounts, table-tops or rack-mounts.

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Inner view of NAVAN CNX200
Inner view of NAVAN CNX200

DSP based architecture. NAVAN is built with proven DSP based architecture for DTMF generation and detection, CLI detection, better handling of Jitter buffer, VAD, CNG and VoIP transcoding, which results in high reliability and performance at par with world-class technology standards.

NAVAN till date
It took almost one year for this idea to materialise into a product. During this period the changing market dynamics led to a lot of inclusions in areas of technology and product features. At the initial launch of this product, NAVAN CNX200 was recognised by TMCNet in ITEXPO’13, Miami, as ‘best wireless and mobile solution.’ NAVAN has enabled Matrix and its channel partners to explore new industries and business opportunities.

What to expect in future
NAVAN is a product that undergoes continuous improvement, providing new features and solutions to customers. Recently-incorporated features are e-mail-to-SMS conversion and CTI. “We also have plans to include load-balancing and multi WAN features, which are generally available in high-end UTM appliances,” explains Dhaval Bhagora, marketing manager, Matrix Comsec. The team at Matrix Comsec is determined to bring out more value from the same product in the near future.

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