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EFY, along with Keysight Technologies and Dreamcatcher have set out to bridge the gap between the academia and the industry in the domain of technical education. Keysight Technologies is the world’s leading Electronic Measurement company, helping engineers, researchers and scientists address their toughest measurement challenges in developing latest innovative products. Keysight is dedicated to meaningful collaboration with educators and researchers to enable new breakthroughs in science and technology. Dreamcatcher specializes in technical training, offering more than 500 technical courses to cater for the critical needs of the industries.

Keysight Technologies in partnership with Dreamcatcher offers you complete Electronics and Communication Engineering Teaching lab solutions, with state of the art industry grade Test Instruments along with training kits, teaching slides and Lab Sheets, aligned to your university’s curriculum.

Keysight’s Teaching Lab Solutions can help you in:

  • Enhancing the classroom experience with lab practicals and training sessions developed by industry experts.
  • Enabling deeper understanding of real-world topics with the latest tools used in industry
  • Developing the practical measurement skills that enable success in research labs and industry
  • Creating new lab experiences and enabling collaboration with remote instrument connections and control

Here’s your chance to experience world-class teaching lab courseware that would address your requirements, as an educator! We offer you Teaching slides for any one of the teaching labs mentioned below totally FREE*.

RF and Communications Labs

  • RF Circuit Design Teaching Lab
  • Digital RF Communications Teaching Lab
  • Advanced Digital RF Communications Teaching Lab
  • EMI and EMC Teaching Lab
  • Antenna and Propagation Teaching Lab
  • SDR Development Platform for Teaching/Research Lab
  • Electromagnetic Theory Teaching Lab
  • Mobile Communications Teaching Lab
  • Radar Principles and Systems Teaching Lab
  • Imaging Radar Principles Teaching Lab
  • Digital Modulation Technique Lab

General Electronics Labs Analog Electronics Teaching Lab

  • Analog Electronics Teaching Lab
  • MEMS Technologies Teaching Lab

Digital Electronics Labs Digital and Embedded Systems Teaching Lab

  • Digital Signal Processing Lab
  • Embedded System Design Lab

These teaching slides cover topics for one full semester and are available in PDF format.

You may make your choice of lab by simply filling up the form below and choosing your free lab from the provided list.
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