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reaction time game author prototype

Reaction Time Game

This  reaction time game tests the time taken by two players to react, and declare the fastest one as a winner. To do this...
electronics projects

Electronics Projects for Engineers | Top Electronics Project Ideas

Electronics projects are becoming increasingly complex with the demand for solutions for everyday problems. Additionally with IoT coming into the mix, electronics projects have...
home automation system

Microcontroller Projects: Home Automation System

In this era of digital revolution, we are surrounded by smart devices that are capable of making decisions on their own without much human...
Moving Message Display on LED

Moving Message Display On LCD

A moving message display is ideal to get your message (advertisements, greetings, etc) across in an eye-catching way. You can make an LCD show...
mini projects ideas

20 Awesome Mini Projects For Engineers

Electronics projects are always in high demand. Students work on them to improve their skills, whereas hobbyists like the fun in meddling with technology....
Arduino based digital IC tester

Arduino Projects: Digital IC Tester With Embedded Truth Table

Different ICs come with different specifications. Thus, it becomes imperative to apply different hardware configurations and feed all possible inputs for checking different ICs....
automatic drip irrigation system circuit

Automatic Drip Irrigation System

Conventional irrigation method wastes a lot of water, leading to a high cost of electricity to run the pump set for irrigation. Automation can...
Circuit diagram

Voting machine using AVR microcontroller

Polling by electronic voting machines (EVMs) has become a norm during elections. Unlike paper ballot systems, EVMs are safe and reliable as these rule...
arduino based audio meter

Arduino Projects: Audio VU Meter

Presented here is an Arduino based audio meter that uses a liquid crystal display (LCD). A VU meter or standard volume indicator (SVI) is...

RFID based Attendance System

Most educational institutions' administrators are concerned about student irregular attendance. Truancies can affect student overall academic performance. The conventional method of taking attendance by...

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