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Telecom Revolution: 4G and Beyond

AUGUST 2012: This year, Bharti Airtel launched a ‘4G’ service in Kolkata and Bengaluru, making India one of the first nations to adopt the...

“The growing electronics consumption in India makes it attractive”

Eris Technology Corporation was established in August 1995. Eris is an original design manufacturer (ODM) of diodes, providing excellent services, such as R&D, manufacturing,...

“LED lights are beyond the budget of an average buyer”

As part of our series titled 'Global Trade Opportunities' where we try and identify international firms that are looking forward to do business in...

“Some of the tablet players are bringing in technology that Apple oversaw”

With the growing popularity of tablets world over, computer maker Acer too is planning to roll out its tablets in India in the next...

WiMAX Testing, Step by Step

Based on orthogonal frequency-division multiple-access (OFDMA) and multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technologies, WiMAX systems require specialised test equipment from design to deployment stage SHWETA DHADIWAL BAID Worldwide...

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