14 Free eBooks For Help in Calculus


Here are some free references to get help in Calculus. Happy reading!

Atithya Amaresh

1. Calculus I, II, and III

Author: Jerrold E. Marsden, Alan Weinstein
Publisher: Springer
The goal of this text is to help students learn to use calculus intelligently for solving a wide variety of mathematical and physical problems. The exercise sets have been carefully constructed to be of maximum use to the students.

2. Calculus for the Life Sciences: A Modeling Approach
Author: James L. Cornette, Ralph A. Ackerman
Publisher: Iowa State University
This text is a product of a two-semester calculus course for life sciences students in which students gathered biological data in a laboratory setting that was used to motivate the concepts of calculus. The book contains data from experiments.

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3.Calculus in Context
Author: James Callahan, et al.
Publisher: Five Colleges, Inc.
In this course you will learn to use calculus both as a tool and as a language in which you can think coherently about the problems you will be studying. The computer or the graphing calculator is a tool that that you will need for this course.

4. Calculus
Publisher: Wikibooks
This wikibook aims to be a quality calculus textbook through which users may master the discipline. Standard topics such as limits, differentiation and integration are covered as well as sequences and series, multivariable and differential calculus.

5. Calculus: A Modern, Rigorous Approach
Author: Horst R. Beyer
Contents: Limits and Continuous Functions; Differentiation; Riemann Integration; Improper Integrals; Series of Real Numbers; Series of Functions; Analytical Geometry; The Riemann Integral in n-dimensions; Vector Calculus; etc.

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6. Reform Calculus: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Author: Marcel B. Finan
Publisher: Arkansas Tech University
These are lecture notes of a freshmen-level and sophomore-level mathematics class offered at Arkansas Tech University. The text represents a serious effort to produce exposition that is accessible to a student at freshmen or sophomore levels.

7. Functions Modeling Change: A Precalculus Course
Author: Marcel B. Finan
Publisher: Arkansas Tech University
This supplement consists of the author’s lectures of a freshmen-level mathematics class offered at Arkansas Tech University. The text represents an effort to produce exposition that is accessible to a student at the freshmen or high school levels.

8. Dr. Vogel’s Gallery of Calculus Pathologies
Author: Thomas I. Vogel
The intuition is useful in dealing with simple examples, but can be a hindrance to deeper understanding of the basic concepts of mathematical analysis. The point of this text is to challenge and refine the intuition of better calculus students.

9. First Year Calculus
Author: W W L Chen
Publisher: Macquarie University
These lecture notes cover the number system, functions, derivatives, special functions, limits, continuity, differentiation, definite integral, techniques of integration, improper integrals, ordinary differential equations, sequences, series, etc.

10. Foundations of Infinitesimal Calculus
Author: K.D. Stroyan
Publisher: Academic Press, Inc.
This is a fresh look at the foundations of calculus. The book will be useful reference for students who like the ‘theorem – proof’ approach to calculus, these proofs are completely rigorous in the sense of modern mathematics.

11. Advanced Calculus
Author: Lynn H. Looms, Shlomo Sternberg
Publisher: Harvard University
A textbook for majors in mathematics and physical sciences, it concentrates on concepts and proofs. It is intended for students who have completed a standard introductory calculus sequence and who wish to know where all those formulas come from.

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12. Difference Equations to Differential Equations – An introduction to calculus
Author: Dan Sloughter
The book is on sequences, limits, difference equations, functions and their properties, affine approximations, integration, polynomial approximations and Taylor series, transcendental functions, complex plane and differential equations.

13. Elementary Calculus: An Approach Using Infinitesimals
Author: H. Jerome Keisler
Publisher: Bodgen & Quigley
This is a calculus textbook at the college Freshman level based on infinitesimals. This approach puts the ideas of the founders of the calculus on a mathematically sound footing, and is easier for beginners than the more common approach via limits.

14. Calculus
Author: David Guichard, Neal Koblitz
This textbook covers analytic geometry, derivative, transcendental functions, curve sketching, integration, sequences and series, three dimensions, vector functions, partial differentiation, multiple integration, and vector Calculus.

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