“Indian market has lots of potential for our products”


As part of our ongoing series titled ‘Global Trade Opportunities’ featuring global brands interested in doing business in India, Anurag Gaur from electronicsforu.com spoke to Daniel Chung, sales manager, GeoVision, Inc., Taiwan, about their business strategy in India.

GeoVision, Inc., a Taiwan-based company founded by George Tai in February 1998, is a professional security company focusing on the research and development of video surveillance products and video content analysis. It is a leader in the sector of PC-based video surveillance products, which substantially contribute in bridging the gap between the analog and digital worlds. GeoVision has five branches worldwide, including Shanghai (China), Tokyo (Japan), California (USA), Prague (Czech Republic) and Sao Paulo (Brazil). It also specialises in network surveillance and remote monitoring.

Daniel Chung
Daniel Chung

Q. Can you share some details about the history of your organisation and its current status?
A. Founded in 1998, GeoVision specialises in designing, manufacturing and distributing professional network video surveillance solutions. From the first analog digital video recording (DVR) cards to the complete line of video surveillance solutions, GeoVision has always been working towards bringing a better technology and solution to the industry. With its NVR solution, the company’s intelligent video surveillance management platform, GeoVision continues to add more security solutions to its name.

Q. Can you share details about your organisation’s products and services?
A. Based on the intelligent video surveillance solution as a platform (NVR), GeoVision continues to develop more security solutions: megapixel IP cameras, Access Control, LPR, POS/ATM, mobile DVR, CMS and GIS. This year, GeoVision invites you to experience the world of convenience offered by these new solutions:
1. HD-SDI box camera
2. Megapixel IP camera in 5-MP Fisheye
3. Megapixel IP camera in Full HD Speed Dome
4. Megapixel IP camera in Wi-Fi Cube for Home
5. Megapixel IP camera with WDR
6. Megapixel IP camera in LPR camera
7. Compact DVR and Touchscreen
8. High Definition Decoder

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Q. What is your annual turnover as per the latest available financial report?
A. According to the latest annual financial report for fiscal year ended 31 December, 2011, GeoVision’s consolidated revenue for FY2011 amounted to NT$1,658 million, 27 per cent growth in local currency, or a 35 per cent growth in USD to a revenue of USD$55.9 million.

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Q. What are your views about India as a market for your products (or services)?
A. I believe India is a huge market with lots of potential for our products. The Government of India is investing heavily in security surveillance due to the string of terrorist bombings and attacks all over India in the past few years. Moreover, India’s transport infrastructure is developing at a fast pace with healthy demand for security surveillance equipment.

Q. Which products or services do you expect to sell more in a country like India?
A. IP cams. Hospitality segments like resorts, restaurants, etc., which have a large inflow of guests, can use IP-based systems very effectively to tune up their security arrangement. These surveillance systems can be used to monitor strategic locations in and around the hotel/resort for any threat to guests and property, prevent sabotage, and keep away unwanted visitors. We have also carried out a lot of banking projects worldwide and a lot of video analytical features that we have developed are used extensively.

Q. What is your current strategy or plans with respect to the Indian market?
A. India is a very important market for GeoVision. With GeoVision’s complete line of products, for example, IP cams, Access Control, LPR, Mobile DVR, CMS and Digital Signage, and the very fact that all these products can be seamlessly integrated with each other, SIs and buyers are not required to take the hassle of sourcing other manufacturers for projects that require integration. GeoVision is a one-stop surveillance equipment manufacturer. Initially, our main focus will be to appoint strong distributors in Tier I cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru, and allow them to take care of the rest of India.

Q. Do you have any presence in India through your own office or partners? Please share details.
A. At the moment, we have a few strong SIs working with us over the past few years and they are very dedicated in using our GV brand. Our SIs have carried out quite a number of projects in India like the LPR for Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, MDLR Group – Rio and Mint casinos, India Bulls, Walmart and Airtel, to name a few.

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Q. Are you looking for partners, such as distributors, system integrators, etc., for India? If yes, please share details.
A. Yes, we are looking for some strong partners who have a wide distribution network all over India. At the moment, we are in talks with a few distributors, but once we have appointed two or three, we will limit and focus more on supporting them.

Q. What are the challenges you foresee or have experienced while dealing in India?
A. Price plays a vital role in most of the developing countries like India and Brazil. In Brazil, GeoVision has already taken over the majority of the IP market share. We wish to do the same with the Indian market over the following years as the market background is the same.

Q. Have you ever engaged in any marketing activity to generate business from India (e.g. participated in an expo or advertised in a magazine or a website)? If yes, please share details of the activities executed and the results experienced.
A. We had participated in the IFSEC exhibition held in Delhi in the year 2009. We had a lot of enquiries but at that moment India was still in an infant stage for IP products. Our partners put up advertisements in India Safe magazines too. I feel that now with the Internet as key, all the major players are transparent, unless they are a newcomer.

Q. If any organisation from India is interested in affiliating with you as your partner or customer, whom should they contact? Please share the contact details: names, addresses, phone #, e-mail IDs, contact details, etc.
A. Yes, they are most welcome to contact me. I am the manager in the Sales Division and look after most of the Asian and Oceanic countries including India.

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