Have you ever wanted to hack all Wi-Fi signals without knowing the passwords or just want to kick someone out from a particular network. Here is the $8 DIY Wi-Fi hacker to try for yourself.

In this video, the presenter will show you how to make a simple Wi-Fi jammer. This Wi-Fi jammer is so tiny you can fit into your pocket and carry it anywhere. It can be powered through a power bank as well. You can perform multiple types of death attack, random beacon spam and many more.

Note: This video is for educational purpose only.

Important links:

1) ESP8266

2) Battery (optional)

3) OTG Cable

4) Power Bank

Download project files from here (Credit goes to the orginal creator spacehuhn)

Wifi Jammer App ESP8266 Android APK ★☆★ *Updated

Latest Arduino Compiler

Courtesy: Kedar Nimbalkar



  1. Is it possible to jam wifi network on specific devices while keep in running on other deivices? For eg i have5 devices, i want to jam the wifi for 2 of them and the other 3 stay connected to wifi without any problem?

  2. it is not possible,because the basic function of the jammer is,it produces same level frequency of which onething we want to jam.at this level receiver part of the electronics devices get confusing to identifying the signals,and receiver is not working properly.it is the basic of jammer. if u want to jam 2 out of 5,simply method goto MAC filter in your router and enter the MAC address of the device in which device u want to jam.


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