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Circuit for Motor Speed Control

PWM-Based Motor Speed Control Simulation Using LTSpice

Pulse-width modulation (PWM) is one of the oldest and widely used techniques of controlling electrical motors. To control the speed of the motor, the...

gSpiceUI: Simulation Program With IC Emphasis

Tech geeks world over are most comfortable working at the back-end, creating hacks and tricks all the time. Like a field to a football...

eispice: When SPICE Says Hi To Python

eispice, a clone of Berkley SPICE 3 simulation engine. It is optimised for high-speed digital design and has a front-end backed, based and powered...

A SPICE Circuit Optimiser (ASCO)

A SPICE circuit optimiser, popularly known as ASCO, has found its way through an academic research project that intended to design low-voltage, low-power and...

LTSpice IV: Ideal for SMPS Simulations

LTSpice IV is a free, high-performance Spice tool to virtually model, simulate and analyse electronic circuits, particularly switching regulators, before actually building them using...

5Spice Analysis 2.10

An easy-to-use analogue circuit modelling, simulation and analysis software for professionals and inexperienced circuit designers Anagha P. 5Spice is a Windows-based tool that helps a circuit...

5 Useful Resources On Spice

Spice or the Simulation Program for Integrated Circuits Emphasis. Is a powerful general purpose analog circuit stimulator which is used to verify the circuit...

AIM-Spice: For All Your Analogue Simulation Needs

Developed at the University of California and first released in 1972, Automatic Integrated Circuit Modeling Spice, or AIM-Spice, uses SPICE format for describing analogue...

What’s New in SPICE?

Not many EDA tools get a chance to celebrate their 40th anniversary. SPICE circuit simulator, first released for the public in 1972, is one...

Simulate MOSFET-Based Ideal Diode

A simple explanation for the working of an ideal diode circuit based on P-channel MOSFET and PNP transistor is presented here. The typical voltage...

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