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Home Automation Engineering: A Home With Eyes, Ears And Plenty Of Smarts

Security and monitoring in the field of home automation continue to evolve. New electronic designs and solutions continue to accelerate this trend. Now that...

Automatic PID Controlled Ambient Light System With IOT Home Automation

Wouldn’t it be amazing if our room light automatically adjusts its brightness according to our need? Or if we can control the brightness of LED...

Home Automation System For Up To Four Devices

This project is designed to control up to four home electrical devices using Node-RED, Raspberry Pi and local Wi-Fi network. Node-RED is a flow-based...
voice controlled home automation

Voice-Controlled Home Automation System

This is a project for a voice controlled home automation system to control appliances with your voice through an Android app. An Arduino Mega...

Multi-Language Voice Control IOT Home Automation Using Google Assistant and Raspberry Pi (Hindi &...

Today, home automation using Internet of things (IoT) is one of the major domains which is attracting attention from large tech companies. We all want...
home automation system Using Wi-Fi Prototype

Home Automation System Using A Wi-Fi Module

This home automation system can measure temperature, relative humidity, light intensity and control two electrical equipment on Cayenne IoT (Internet of Things) platform. The...

Smart Arduino Touch Switch Board For Home Automation With IoT.

If you are still using the traditional switches, then I’m sorry to say this but they are outdated now.  Moreover, these traditional switches have...

Home Automation Using Arduino Through Android Device

This project is based on Android app and Arduino Uno using Bluetooth as the wireless communication medium. It is a simple and flexible home...

The IoT and Touch-Based Home Automation

Presented here is a project based on ESP32 module to control home appliances using its touch-sensing inputs and Wi-Fi features. ESP32 module is great for...
Home Automation in India: 2017 Is Seemingly The Year of ‘Smart Concepts’, DIY

Latest Wireless Technologies, Devices and Protocols for Secure Home Automation

A complete wireless networking is an indispensable element of home automation. In this article, we discuss the latest wireless technologies that are making our...

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