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Raspberry pi projects ideas

Awesome Raspberry Pi Projects for Engineers

Raspberry Pi is a development board that has made a lot of noise since its introduction to the public. The cost and the wide...

Raspberry Pi Real-Time Face Recognition Doorbell (Hindi & English Video)

In this DIY project, we are going to build a Raspberry Pi face recognition smart doorbell that identifies the person on the door, for...
Video Streaming Camera

Make Video Streaming Camera with Raspberry Pi

Live streaming video cameras can be used for security or personal purposes. A variety of webcams, camcorders, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras for streaming live...

Multi-Language Voice Control IOT Home Automation Using Google Assistant and Raspberry Pi (Hindi &...

Today, home automation using Internet of things (IoT) is one of the major domains which is attracting attention from large tech companies. We all want...

Setting Up Qt On Raspberry Pi And Basic Application

This project describes the steps to get started with Qt software on Raspberry Pi operating system. Qt is a platform-independent application that can run...

Operating System that Can be Installed on a Raspberry Pi

In this video, the presenter will be exploring nine Open Source operating system that can be installed on a Raspberry Pi Development board. Video Courtesy:...

Building a Cheap Surveillance Station Using Raspberry Pi

In this video, the presenter is going to show you how to set up a Surveillance camera using any smartphone camera and monitor it anywhere....

Accessing Graphical Desktop Of Raspberry Pi Using SSH And VNC

Raspberry Pi is a low-cost, high-performance, credit-card-sized computer for learning, solving problems and having fun. Easy to get started with, this tiny yet powerful...

NOOBS 2.8.1: Raspberry Pi Setup Made Easy

Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer popular among do-it-yourself (DIY) experts. Be it for electronics-based projects or for home use, Raspberry Pi finds a...

11 Things to Know About Raspberry Pi

In this video, the presenter will explain everything you might need to know if you are new to Raspberry Pi, or are thinking of...

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