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Free electronics projects, circuit diagrams and software codes available for students and hobbyists. Complete instructions on DIY electronic devices also available. These projects have been tested by EFY and are available with source codes. These are helpful with understanding concepts of electronics including basic components. The projects are designed to be helpful for engineering students and professionals building their own designs and circuits. The projects are also compiled from time to time to provide a single destination for project junkies. Let us know how you feel about the content and any thing you would like us to cover in the future. We hope you enjoy the content on this page!

LED Torchlight

Most commercial torchlights use three AA or AAA cells connected in series, which produces 4.5V to drive white LEDs using a current-limiting resistor. These flashlights do not drive the LEDs efficiently...

Dual-Colour Stroboscope

Stroboscope is a device used to make a cyclically moving object appear slow-moving or stationary. This is realised by illuminating the object intermittently with short pulses of light. Stroboscope is used...
Joystick for Robot Circuit Diagram

Make Your Own Joystick for Robot

Here is a simple joystick to control a robot to move in forward, backward, right, left, clockwise (CW) and counter-clockwise (CCW) directions using six buttons. It is cheaper than most other...
Voltage Regulator as Audio Amplifier

Voltage Regulator as Audio Amplifier

LM338 voltage regulator can also be used as an audio amplifier. The output voltage can be controlled by varying the IC’s reference voltage (pin 1), which is reflected as the output...

Make Your Own ESP8266-12E/F Module Programmer

This article describes a method for making a programmer for ESP8266-12 E/F Wi-Fi chip and also discusses the support circuitry required for real-time applications. NodeMCU board is a development kit that consists...

Home Automation System For Up To Four Devices

This project is designed to control up to four home electrical devices using Node-RED, Raspberry Pi and local Wi-Fi network. Node-RED is a flow-based development tool for visual programming. Node-RED Node-RED is a...

Appliance Guard To Prevent Damage

This circuit monitors the AC current flowing through an electrical appliance and automatically turns the appliance off when the current goes beyond maximum or minimum threshold levels. If the appliance is...
single-side PCB for the brushless DC motor driver

Brushless DC Motor Driver

Use of brushless DC motors (BLDCs) is on the rise. But their control usually requires rotor position information for selecting the appropriate commutation angle. Normally, a Hall Effect sensor is used...
IoT enabled air pollution meter

IoT-Enabled Air Pollution Meter With Digital Dashboard On Smartphone

Presented here is a IoT enabled air pollution meter to monitor air quality on your smartphone using Blynk application and Arduino board. Blynk is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform to...

Minuscule LED Night Marker

The minuscule LED night marker presented here is an automatic light beacon that wakes up at night, or when there is not enough ambient light in its environment. Anyone active in...

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Creating Game Using Python Within Ten Minutes

Game using Python
Have you ever wondered how video games are created? It is not as complicated as you might...

Real-Time Face Detection and Recognition for Security Purposes

This article demonstrates real-time training, detection and recognition of a human face with OpenCV using the Eigenface...

Designing Android App For Communication With Bluetooth Module

This article is about designing an Android app for communication with HC-05 Bluetooth module using MIT App...


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