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Free electronics projects, circuit diagrams and software codes available for students and hobbyists. Complete instructions on DIY electronic devices also available. These projects have been tested by EFY and are available with source codes. These are helpful with understanding concepts of electronics including basic components. The projects are designed to be helpful for engineering students and professionals building their own designs and circuits. The projects are also compiled from time to time to provide a single destination for project junkies. Let us know how you feel about the content and any thing you would like us to cover in the future. We hope you enjoy the content on this page!

Current Sensor Project

Current Sensor

The circuit presented here senses the flow of electricity through the appliances and generate an audible beep after every fifteen minutes to indicate the ON state of device.

Over-Heat Detector

NTC thermistors are often the preferred choice for temperature sensing and control in many applications, primarily because of their small package sizes and attractive price-performance ratios. An NTC thermistor’s sensitivity to...


Here is the circuit of a guitar preamplifier that would accept any standard guitar pickup. It is also versatile in that it has two signal outputs. A typical example of using a...
RTL-SDR Dongle

Designing FM Receiver Using GNU Radio And RTL-SDR Dongle

This article covers the designing of an FM receiver using GNU Radio software and RTL-SDR hardware on Ubuntu operating system (OS). With advancements in software-defined radio (SDR), more supports are available...
midget vibration detector circuit

Midget Vibration Detector

This article describes a low-cost sensitive midget vibration detector that can interface directly with any microcontroller. The entire circuit operates off a single 5 volt supply. Probably there is no need...

Arduino Based Windows PC Volume Remote Control

Presented here is a project that turns your Arduino into a remote control. Infrared (IR) remotes have been very prominent since 1980’s. In today’s world almost everything is controlled by a...

Electronic Electroscope

An electroscope is the instrument used to detect charged bodies. Here is an electronic version of the scope that is sensitive and, unlike conventional scopes, indicates the polarity of charge as...

Cellphone Operated Land Rover

Conventionally, wireless-controlled robots use RF circuits,which have the drawbacks of limited working range, limited frequency range and limited control. Use of a mobile phone for robotic control can overcome these limitations....

Wireless Water Level Indicator Without MCU

A wired water-level indicator uses many wires, whose resistance increases as their length increases. A wireless water level indicator using microcontroller (MCU) is costly and not very easy to program. Presented...
LME49710 Based Audio Amplifier

LME49710 Based Audio Amplifier

Listening to music on a self-made system is great. Good-quality audio amplifier circuits can be constructed with minimum components. Described here is an LME49710 based audio amplifier. Author’s prototype is shown...

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Real-Time Face Detection and Recognition for Security Purposes

This article demonstrates real-time training, detection and recognition of a human face with OpenCV using the Eigenface...

Designing Android App For Communication With Bluetooth Module

This article is about designing an Android app for communication with HC-05 Bluetooth module using MIT App...

Real-Time Face Detection Using MATLAB

Object detection and tracking are important in many computer vision applications, including activity recognition, automotive safety and...


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