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Interviews with Indian design houses as they talk about what drives them and the milestones they have achieved.

“We are Perfectly Aligned to Deliver Future Product Roadmaps of our Customers”

Q. Could you introduce us to your organisation? A. Embitel specialises in embedded design services, cloud and mobility solutions for automotive and automation domains. Automotive and automation business units, bring in-depth domain knowledge...

“We Design Keeping in Mind Manufacturing Cost as a Key Parameter”

Q. What is your organisation's unique selling proposition (USP) for electronics design? A. Our organisation focuses on complete product design, from concept to ready-for-manufacture. We design keeping in mind manufacturing cost...

“Give us your M2M problem, and we will offer a solution”

  Q. What is your organisation's unique selling proposition(USP) for electronics design? A. Simply put, we provide reliable electronics comparable with European or American counterparts, at a fraction of the cost. In...
Tata wearable

Tata Diverging to Wearable Manufacturing

Tata group has shown interest in adding wearables to it's already vast portfolio. It’s developing wrist devices for two markets, for the yoga enthusiasts' a watch that tracks breathing patterns, alertness and...
Home Automation in India: 2017 Is Seemingly The Year of ‘Smart Concepts’, DIY

Home Automation in India: 2017 Is Seemingly The Year of ‘Smart Concepts’, DIY

If you have bought or constructed a new home for yourself, then this could be the best time to invest in Home Automation and IoT-driven smart solutions as this trend is...

“I am very keen on using Raspberry Pi for military applications”

In the highly competitive world of system design, there are times when you face a challenge that seems impossible to tackle with conventional wisdom. What if you could use your humble...

“Our Primary Focus is Disruptive Technologies”

Happiest Minds is a next-generation digital transformation, infrastructure, security and product engineering services company, with 100+ customers and 1600+ people, spread across 16 locations. Happiest Minds’ philosophy is simple - 'Happiest...

“Our Telematics Platform Is Geared To Meet The Demand For IoT Devices”

Q. Could you introduce us to your organisation? A. Oxys Technologies is a six-year-old embedded system design and IP development company specialising in the areas of telematics, machine-to-machine (M2M), short-range and...

“We Specialise in FPGAs, DSP-based DAQ and SoC Prototyping”

Q. Could you tell us about your organisation? A. Argus Technologies focuses on end-to-end product development, which covers product architecture, design, design simulation and analysis, circuit board manufacturing, component procurement, assembly...

“We Develop Ruggedised Electronic Systems and Design High-Speed Mixed-Signal Hardware”

Q. What are the key technologies you are working on? A. We work on analogue and mixed-signal processing, high-speed digital design, power monitoring,power metering, power transducers, global system for mobile communications...

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