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Interviews with Indian design houses as they talk about what drives them and the milestones they have achieved.

Home Automation in India: 2017 Is Seemingly The Year of ‘Smart Concepts’, DIY

Home Automation in India: 2017 Is Seemingly The Year of ‘Smart Concepts’, DIY

If you have bought or constructed a new home for yourself, then this could be the best time to invest in Home Automation and IoT-driven smart solutions as this trend is...

“We Integrate Complex Parts In A Ready-To-Use Way”

Monday, February 06, 2012: Calixto Systems was established to excel in design, prototyping and the production of energy efficient embedded systems. They aim to help their clients translate their innovative product...
smart farming Inventrom-Bolt-IoT

IoT And Smart Farming To The Rescue Of Our Farmers

Can smart concepts and the hottest buzzword in town Internet of Things (IoT) provide the much-needed shot in the arm for our farmers? This is now the thousand-dollar question that id...

“Our Primary Focus is Disruptive Technologies”

Happiest Minds is a next-generation digital transformation, infrastructure, security and product engineering services company, with 100+ customers and 1600+ people, spread across 16 locations. Happiest Minds’ philosophy is simple - 'Happiest...

“We Offer Engineering R&D and Productised IT Services”

Sasken Communication Technologies is a design services company with an expertise in wireless communications. Swami Krishnan, vice president and head, marketing and Gajendra Singh Hiran, business head, communication and devices, talk to...

“Our Telematics Platform Is Geared To Meet The Demand For IoT Devices”

Q. Could you introduce us to your organisation? A. Oxys Technologies is a six-year-old embedded system design and IP development company specialising in the areas of telematics, machine-to-machine (M2M), short-range and...

OCEO: A Smart Water Purifier At Zero Purchase Cost!

Quality of drinking water is one thing that we cannot afford to compromise - not one bit. Water-borne diseases like diarrhoea, hepatitis, typhoid and cholera, or illness due to contaminants like...

“Wearable devices are intensely personal”

Q. What is the most important design characteristic of a wearable device that an engineer should keep in mind? A. An important characteristic that influences the design of any wearable device is...

“Today We Are In A Phase Where Haptics Is Necessary”

Designs and Projects Development designs and develops products a variety of products focusing on haptics and mobile robotics. They have haptics based products targeting surgery simulation, mission control, and assembly operations....
Tata wearable

Tata Diverging to Wearable Manufacturing

Tata group has shown interest in adding wearables to it's already vast portfolio. It’s developing wrist devices for two markets, for the yoga enthusiasts' a watch that tracks breathing patterns, alertness and...

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