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What is happening in electronics engineering for the communication and networking sector?

Wi-Fi In 60 GHz Band Will Provide Teragraph Network for Urban Backbone

Wi-Fi - a widely used technology for internet connectivity over wireless access. Wi-Fi uses unlicensed spectrum for radio waves, mostly in band of 2.5 GHZ or 5GHz. Wi-Fi has been coping...

Need Of Indian Broadband And Where The Future Lies

Just a couple of years ago when reliance Jio debuted into Indian telecom scenario with LTE offerings, things went into surprises for the end users. It was not only commercial surprises...

New Wireless Technologies to Help Meet Aviation Demands

This article discusses some key recent developments in the area of wireless networking in the aviation industry. New techniques and technologies in wireless communication are needed for safe and efficient aviation operations....

How to Assess Electromagnetic Radiation from Mobile Phone Towers

Electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone towers is a subject of utmost importance and requires a deep understanding of assessment methods of electromagnetic radiation from these telecommunication installations. Over the last few years,...

What is 1G,2G,3G,4G,5G?

Let's learn the ‘G’ in 5G: how mobile generations have evolved. This video looks over the changes in mobile generations, and what benefits each generation of mobile networks brings with it. Courtesy: DigiTech...

LSC – Large Scale Convergence, a 5G way

5G is about many things, but intrinsic nature of everything’s there would be "scaling up", whether it be performance KPIs, uses of spectrum, more technology accommodation, operation, management or orchestrations, all...

Understanding 5G In Perspective of Industry Specific Trends

Like 2G, 3G and 4G, 5G is not a distinctive sliver, it is a landscape altogether. 5G is essentially about a vision that techno savvy people have in combination, for the...

Latest Wireless Standards and Their Applications

With newer technologies like 5G and IoT, standardisation becomes necessary for the devices to communicate with each other. Let us explore the latest wireless standards in detail along with their applications. The...

Optical Fiber Link – Trace Analysis

Optical fiber links are the backbone of all telecommunication companies to carry their traffic. The three most important necessities for the people in this modern world are internet, telephone and television....

Designing High Performance Infrastructure with Hyper Convergence

As the world around us is becoming increasingly digital and as most applications and services are moving to cloud promising anytime-anywhere connectivity, performance expectations of customers on their IT infrastructure are...

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