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What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI), And What Are Its Various Applications?

AI emphasises on making intelligent machines work and react like human beings, including speech recognition, planning, problem solving and learning. It involves programming intelligence or making computers behave like humans. AI-powered...
Amorphous silicon versus polycrystalline silicon (Credit: Wikipedia)

What Is An LTPS LCD?

Low-temperature polycrystalline silicon (or LTPS) LCD—also called LTPS TFT LCD—is a new-generation technology product derived from polycrystalline silicon materials. Polycrystalline silicon is synthesised at relatively low temperatures (~650°C and lower) as...

What Is A Piezoelectric Sensor?

A piezoelectric sensor, also known as a piezoelectric transducer, is a device that uses the piezoelectric effect to measure changes in pressure, acceleration, temperature, strain or force by converting these into...

14 Helpful eBooks On MATLAB!

These 15 ebooks cater to everyone from students, freshman and engineers. Happy reading!! 1. Numerical Computing with Matlab Author: by Cleve B. Moler Publisher: SIAM, 2004 This textbook provides an introductory course in numerical methods,...

Mobile Apps For Fitness And Other Uses

Scan the QR codes to download the apps based on the operating system of your device. Samsung Health Updated: March 2019 Platforms: Android and iOS Download: Full version (free) Samsung Health is a fitness app that...
arduino ebooks

6 Awesome Free eBooks On Arduino

This interesting collection of Arduino ebooks which help everyone from newbies to pros. These free ebooks will not only help you get started but will also help you learn to program,...
c programming ebooks

15 Free eBooks on C Programming

If we talk about the most used programming languages in electronics engineering, like Python, C is probably one of the most used language in electronics. So now its time for some...

Inventions That Are Redefining The Future

Historical paintings recreated using deep learning and 3D printing A team of scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT’s) Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) has created a system aimed at...
Which Current Is More Dangerous, AC Or DC

Which Current Is More Dangerous, AC Or DC?

Have you ever had an electric shock? Well, many people think that DC current is more dangerous than AC current as far as an Electric shock is concerned. To find out...

Sharing Wi-Fi Data Via Bluetooth

Tethering, or phone-as-modem (PAM), is the process of sharing of a mobile device’s Internet connection with another device, say, a cellphone or computer. Bluetooth tethering is one of the ways of...

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