Supercapacitors: Fundamentals and Applications

Energy crisis and environmental pollution have triggered the development of clean and renewable energy storage systems. Supercapacitors also called ultra-capacitors or Electrical Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC), provide very high capacitance in...

Transmission Basics: Beginners Guide To EM Waves (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1. Here we talk about Polarisation. Theoretically speaking, the waves should be accepted by the antenna and we should have an output. However reality is not so simple. The...

Smart Antennas

Smart antennas and smart antenna technology using an adaptive antenna array are being introduced increasingly with the development of other technologies including the software defined radio, cognitive radio, MIMO and many...
Which Current Is More Dangerous, AC Or DC

Which Current Is More Dangerous, AC Or DC?

Have you ever had an electric shock? Well, many people think that DC current is more dangerous than AC current as far as an Electric shock is concerned. To find out...

How do Digital Subscriber Lines, or xDSLs, Work?

xDSL refers collectively to all types of digital subscriber lines, the two main categories being ADSL and SDSL. Two other types of xDSL technologies are High-data-rate DSL (HDSL) and Very high DSL (VDSL). There are several forms of digital subscriber lines, or...
Modelsim Interface

ModelSim Software Tutorial

ModelSim is a multi-language Hardware Descriptive Language (HDL) simulation environment by Mentor Graphics, for simulation of various languages such as VHDL, Verilog and SystemC, and includes a built-in C debugger. Upon completion...

Working of a Touchscreen

This presentation includes working of a touchscreen. Its types, advantages and disadvantages. Touchscreen PPT from 76 Degree Creative
IC closeupvideo

What’s inside a Microchip?

In this video the presenter will give you a brief tutorial on what's inside a Microchip with the help of a microscope. Through these we can have a view of internal...

PIC-Microcontroller Tutorial For Beginners

PIC-Microcontroller programming based on Mikro C IDE. PIC-MICROCONTROLLER TUTORIALS FOR BEGINNERS from vishnukp660

Understanding Radio Signal Path Loss

Radio signal path loss is a particularly important element in the design of any radio communications system or wireless system. The radio signal path loss will determine many elements of the...

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