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Lightning Fast 3D Printer That Can Use Multiple Materials At Once

The 3D printer is so fast that is has the ability to switch between different printing materials rapidly while ensuring that the size and texture of the printed object is consistent...

How Blockchain Will Upend Customer Experience

Blockchain is gradually becoming a vital part of our infrastructure, like the Internet. It will help empower all organisations and developers to build global solutions embracing blockchain technology towards a better...

Smart Marbles Equipped With Sensors For Detecting Pipeline Damages

Imagine a group of small-sized balls equipped with sensors flowing through your intestines in order to detect thickening. Or inspecting hard-to-reach environments such as pipeline networks of drinking water and oil...

Hybrid Cloud: New Edge for Cloud Providers

As the networking business moves from OEMs to software vendors, many networking functions are now being developed on software and deployed on commodity servers. This has given a boost to virtual...

Expansion Of The UAV Ecosystem In India

Originally used in military applications, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), or a drone, is today found almost everywhere. According to ‘UAV Payload and Subsystems Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth,...

AI Tells How Certain Pieces Of Music Affects Our Brain

In the past, scientists tried to better understand the impact of music on the body, brain and emotions by analysing MRI scans. With the help of AI, scientists can now look...

IoT Development Boards For DIYers And Electronics Enthusiasts

Equipped with features such as inbuilt Wi-Fi, Bluetooth along with impressive memory and processing speeds When it comes to selecting a suitable development board for your IoT project, DIYers and electronic...

Narrowing Down To A Particular ML Algorithm Is Largely Centred On Business Decisions

With artificial intelligence (AI) businesses can identify and unearth hidden revenue streams, run highly personalised campaigns at a large scale and garner many meaningful insights unlike traditional methods. Sudeshna Datta, co-founder...

Flexible And Sturdy Robot That Can Extend Itself In Any Direction

The robot's flexibility allows it to navigate through narrow spaces, while its sturdiness is powerful enough to lift haeavy loads with ease. The gradual rise of automation in today’s factories and warehouses...

Create Voice Controlled Applications With Arduino IoT Cloud And Alexa

This integration of Alexa with the Arduino IoT Cloud enables interactive communication with customisable user-interface With the launch of the Arduino Alexa Skill, now you can easily and securely integrate Alexa into...

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