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voice over microphonevideo

DIY Your Own Micorphone

In this video tutorial, the presenter will be explaining different types of microphones and also creating a DIY microphone amplifier circuit in order to find out whether making a circuit your...
raspberry pi laptopvideo

Constructing Your Own Laptop Using Raspberry Pi 3

IN this video, the presenter will show you how he made his own laptop with a Raspberry Pi 3. He has also used, a power module, 7' display module, wireless keyboard...
health monitoring system based on ESP8266video

ESP8266 Based Health Monitoring System

This is Quick Intro to the project health monitoring system based on ESP8266 Wi-fi module and Arduino Uno. The presenter has used 4 sensors namely LM35 temperature sensor, Dehydration sensor, respiration and...
electronics & watervideo

Do Your Electronic Components Stop Working When Submerged in Water?

In this video, the presenter will show you how water and electricity/electronic circuits correlate by conducting a couple of experiments. His experiments generally includes comparison with tap water and distilled water....
IC closeupvideo

What’s inside a Microchip?

In this video the presenter will give you a brief tutorial on what's inside a Microchip with the help of a microscope. Through these we can have a view of internal...
Raspberry Pi Android Installationvideo

DIY: How to Install Android 7.1 on a Raspberry Pi

Looking for a project on Raspberry pi Android installation? In this video, the presenter will show you how to install Android 7.1 Nougat on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with RTAndroid. RT Android downloads:...
what is CEvideo

What is the CE Mark on any Electronic Product?

You always see a CE mark behind your Electronic product, but do you really know what is it? How do you get one? In this video, the presenter will try to explain...
Geolocation using ESP8266

Location using ESP8266 | Geolocation Without GPS Module

Yes it's possible to get the location with just our tiny little ESP8266 board. We don't need anything other then ESP board not even GPS module to get our live co-ordinates....
working of relays & optocouplersvideo

Working of Relays and Optocouplers

In this video, the presenter is going to show you how a Relay and Optocoupler works and when it makes to use them. He will also be giving certain practical examples...
basics of passive filtersvideo

Basics of Passive Filters

In this video, the presenter will be explaining you the concept of filters, specially passive RC filters along with some examples. Courtesy: humanHardDrive  

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