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Decapping Integrated Circuits (ICs)

In this video tutorial, the presenter is removing epoxy packaging from chips to expose the die or in simple words decapping some chips. This involves using fuming nitric acid. The process starts...

Ultimate Battery Backup Hack/Mod.

In this video author takes an APC battery backup and modify it to have 3 direct DC output jacks as well as an LED display with voltage readout. This gives him...

Video Tutorial: Switching Regulator

Switching regulators make use of the energy storage properties of capacitors and inductors. A transistor, or switch, controls the charging and discharging. This method makes for an efficient regulator, but can...

How To: Voice Controlled Home Automation

Ever wanted to make your home automatically do what you ask it? In this video, the author will be making a cheap home automation system that you can control with your...

Basic Tutorial: Solar Panel & Charge Controller

In this video tutorial, the presenter will show you how solar panels are wired up, why bypass and blocking diodes are necessary when working with them and how we can get...

Constructing One Watt Audio Amplifier Using LM386

In this video, the presenter is going to build a simple mono one watt audio amplifier using the popular LM386 class AB IC. It costs less than INR 200 ($3) in parts! Courtesy: Afrotechmods

DIY: Heart Beat Sensor

This Video shows, How to make your own Heart Beat Sensor using very few components. Main Component it uses is Proximity Sensor. This type of sensors are already used commercially in...
gary explains snapdragon 845video

Introduction to Snapdragon 845

The new Snapdragon 845 for your smartphone is an upgrade to Snapdragon 835. It has lots of extra features, as well as faster performance. Want to know more? Watch this video...

How to choose a battery A beginner's guide to different battery chemistries and how to choose the right battery for your project. -- Courtesy: Afrotechmods

DIY: Smart Outlet Lamp Module Using Arduino

In this video, the author is going to show you how he made an on/off "smart plug" for around $8 (Around 500 INR). He used Arduino development board, MySensors and Vera...

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