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trace mobile phone

How Police Trace Cell Phone Location by Mobile Number or IMEI number

What do you do when you loose your mobile phone? Probably file and FIR, and let the police take over. How does police trace mobile phone? They use the IMEI number...

How To Make Your Own Laptop Power Bank?

In this project, the presenter will show you how to create a Laptop Power Bank. It mainly consists of a Li-Ion battery pack and one buck and boost converter. This way...

Basics Of Smith Chart

In this video, the presenter will cover the basics of the Smith Chart - what it is, how you plot complex impedance, obtain VSWR, return loss, reflection coefficient, transmission line effects...

How Does An Optical Fiber Cable Works?

In this video, the presenter is going to show you the working principle of an Optical Fiber cable along with its construction and working. He will also compare Optical Fiber Cable...

What is an MCB?

A miniature circuit breaker (MCB) automatically switches off electrical circuit during an abnormal condition of the network means in overload condition as well as faulty condition. Nowadays we use an MCB in low...

Working Of A Transformer

This video gives a detailed animated illustration on the working of Electrical Transformers. It explains the basic working principle and construction of the transformer, step-up transformer, step-down transformer, transformer winding and...

DIY: Constructing An Induction Forge

In this video, the presenter is going to construct an Induction forge i.e. he will use induction to heat metals. The idea is to produce a high-power electromagnetic field, that will...

VESC Open Source Electronic Speed Control

In this video, the presenter will review VESC Electronic Speed Control along with its working and applications. It is an Open Source ESC. He will also be building his own VESC  in...

Working Principle Of Multivibrators

In this video tutorial, the presenter is going to give you a brief explanation of the working principle of multivibrators along with its types. He would be explaining the following: Transistor switching another...

Building Your Own ESC/Servo Tester

In this small project, the presenter will show you how to build a custom ESC/Servo Tester. He will also show you how to setup the timer of the ATmega328P in order...

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