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CImg: A Powerful C++ Library for Image Processing

CImg is a simple C++ toolkit intended to simplify the efforts of developers trying to implement new image-processing algorithms from scratch. A set of...

Building Image Processing Embedded Systems Using Python

This project describes a technique to capture human faces using image processing and turn on an LED on the Arduino board. With some modification...
digital signal processing ebooks

8 Free eBooks On Digital Signal Processing

Those working in the field of electronics already know how important 'DSP' or Digital signal processing is. It is used to manipulate the information...
Compression process in mobile using WhatsApp

Image Compression Using Discrete Cosine Transform Technique

Presented here is a MATLAB-based program for image compression using discrete cosine transform technique. It works for both coloured and grayscale images. Over the last...

Increasing Processing Power of DIY and Hobbyist Development Boards

Ever since Arduino came into being, development boards have become a very common tool among engineers trying to design various kinds of circuits. The...

EEGLAB For Electrophysiological Signal Processing

EEGLAB is a GNU general-public-licensed MATLAB toolbox for processing electrophysiological data from electroencephalography (EEG), magnetoencephalography (MEG) and others. Users can perform tasks like independent...

Signal Processing With Sonic Visualiser

With electronic signals becoming a way of life, it is important for researchers to process and then analyse these effectively. The signal could simply...
Lossless Image Compression Using MATLAB

Lossless Image Compression Using MATLAB

MATLAB is a powerful tool for analyzing images and signals for developing applications. One of the applications of image compression with MATLAB using a...

Signal Processing in C++ Using Aquila 3.0

When it comes to modern information engineering, communication and signal processing are birds of a feather. Whether it is broadcast and communication, audio and...

Biological Image Analysis Using Fiji

Fiji Is Just Image software, abbreviated as Fiji, is a smart open source platform for the analysis of biomedical data. As the name indicates,...

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