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Audio Compression using Wavelets in MATLAB

Audio frequencies range from 20Hz to 20kHz but these frequencies are not heard in the same way. Frequencies below 20Hz and above 20kHz are...

Pedestrian Detection Using MATLAB

MATLAB (matrix laboratory)is a multi-paradigm numerical computing language. A proprietary programming language designed and developed by Math Works, MATLAB permits matrix utilization, plotting of...

Image Processing Using MATLAB: Image Deblurring and Hough Transform (Part 4 of 4)

Read Part 3 Image pre-processing and identification of certain shaped objects in the image is explained here using Image Deblurring and Hough Transform. Image deblurring removes distortion...

Automatic Certificate Generation Using MATLAB

MATLAB is a versatile tool that can automate many tasks. Presented here is a MATLAB code to generate certificates for workshops, conferences, symposiums, etc....

Understanding Spectrogram of Speech Signal Using MATLAB Program

This article explains spectrogram of the speech signal (analysis and processing) with MATLAB to get its frequency-domain representation. In real life, we come across many...
Spatial filtering

Image Processing Using MATLAB: Spatial Filtering (Part 3 of 4)

Read Part 2 Spatial filtering techniques refer to those operations where the resulting value of a pixel at a given coordinate is a function of...

Wireless Equipment Control Using MATLAB-Based GUI

In process instrumentation and control, operators in the plant equipment control room monitor on-field sensors and send real-time commands to control actuators and final...

Image Processing using MATLAB: Basic operations (Part 2 of 4)

Read part 1 Image processing covers a wide and diverse array of techniques and algorithms. Fundamental processes underlying these techniques include sharpening, noise removal, deblurring,...
Parallel-Port Controller

Parallel-Port Controller Using MATLAB

Many projects have been published in EFY on how to program a PC’s parallel port using C, C++ and Visual Basic. Here we attempt...
Deep Learning with MATLAB semantic segmentation for automated driving workflows

MathWorks Announces Release 2017b of the MATLAB and Simulink Product Families

Strengthens Deep Learning capabilities to simplify designing, training, and deploying models India, Bangalore – (25 September 2017) – MathWorks today introduced Release 2017b (R2017b), which...

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