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How To Install Windows 10 IoT on a Raspberry Pi 3?

In this video, the presenter is going to show you how he has installed Windows 10 IoT dashboard on a Raspberry Pi 3 development...

Virtual Telepresence Robot Using Raspberry Pi

This robot with a camera is placed in a remote location to capture the environment in visual form using Raspberry Pi (RPi). The captured...

Can a Raspberry Pi be used as an Arduino?

In this video, the presenter will show you how to use the C and Python programming language in order to control the GPIOs of...

OSMC: A Friendly Media Centre for Your Raspberry Pi

A reliable open source media player comes handy when working on media files. A media centre software called Open Source Media Center (OSMC) can...
robot controlled via web server using Raspberry pi 2

Web Server using Raspberry Pi 2

Raspberry Pi is a small credit-card sized computer capable of performing various functionalities. It is heavily used in surveillance systems, military applications, etc. Several...
vivaldi with Raspberry pi

The Vivaldi Browser Releases for Raspberry Pi and Other ARM Based Linux Devices

OSLO, Norway – 5 December, 2017 – The Vivaldi browser releases an experimental build for Linux on ARM devices, including Raspberry Pi. With this...
raspberry pi laptopvideo

Constructing Your Own Laptop Using Raspberry Pi 3

In this video, the presenter will show you how he made his own laptop with a Raspberry Pi 3. He has also used, a...
Raspberry Pi Android Installationvideo

DIY: How to Install Android 7.1 on a Raspberry Pi

Looking for a project on Raspberry pi Android installation? In this video, the presenter will show you how to install Android 7.1 Nougat on...
Raspberry pi weather stationvideo

Raspberry Pi Weather Station

This project uses a Raspberry Pi development board and the Pi Sense hat to collect and aggregate weather data in your local area. This...
USB camera on raspberry pi

Capturing Images with USB Camera, Wi-Fi and Raspberry Pi

Ever since this tiny, credit-card-sized computer, Raspberry Pi, appeared in the market, it has caught the imagination of every electronics and computer hobbyist around...

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