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Fruit Sorting Using OpenCV on Raspberry Pi

Sorting fruit one-by-one using hands is one of the most tiring jobs. It requires lots of effort and manpower and consumes lots of time...

Raspberry Pi Based COVID -19 Ventilator and Health Monitoring Device

At this time of COVID-19 outbreak, the demand for ventilator and health monitoring devices has increased with each passing day. To overcome the shortage...

Raspberry Pi Bluetooth Speaker Audio Streaming System

Making Raspberry Pi Bluetooth Speaker and Streaming audio from mic directly to speakers is difficult when we do not have a Bluetooth mic and...

Raspberry Pi Traffic Light Using TensorFlow & Python

In metropolitan cities traffic jams are one of the major problems and for the common man and he who use to travel on their...
Fastest Finger First System

Fastest Finger First System Using Raspberry Pi

Fastest finger first system are used in school, college and TV contests. The team which presses their push-button switch first is entitled to answer...
Raspberry Pi 4 Projects

Top 5 Electronics Projects Based On Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi 4 is the latest offering from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It is a development board that was developed in United kingdom and...

Create A GUI Program For Raspberry Pi And Arduino

This article describes the procedure to set up Arduino as a slave device, which gets all control signals from Raspberry Pi running a Python...

Use MQTT Protocol In Smartphones And Raspberry Pi

The article demonstrates the use of Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol in smartphones and Raspberry Pi. MQTT, a machine-to-machine Internet of Things (IoT) protocol,...

Raspberry Pi Real-Time Face Recognition Doorbell (Hindi & English Video)

In this DIY project, we are going to build a Raspberry Pi face recognition smart doorbell that identifies the person on the door, for...
Video Streaming Camera

Make Video Streaming Camera with Raspberry Pi

Live streaming video cameras can be used for security or personal purposes. A variety of webcams, camcorders, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras for streaming live...

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