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Arduino’s Foray Into Industrial Automation And Robotics

The latest release by Arduino, that has a dual-core processor, low supply voltage, powerful graphics and connectivity, assures wide-ranging applicability in the field of...
Alarm Clock Radio Using Arduino

Alarm Clock Radio Using Arduino

Introduction This project describes how to make the alarm clock radio in Arduino. The main feature of this project is that it will display date,...
Author's Prototype of Wireless Frequency Meter

Make An Arduino-Based Wireless Frequency Meter

This project describes an Arduino-based wireless frequency meter designed to measure frequency of sinusoidal AC signals in the range of 50Hz to 3kHz. The...

Arduino Obstacle Avoiding Car

In this video, the presenter is going to build an Obstacle Avoiding Car using an Arduino Development board. Courtesy: DIY Builder

Create Voice Controlled Applications With Arduino IoT Cloud And Alexa

This integration of Alexa with the Arduino IoT Cloud enables interactive communication with customisable user-interface With the launch of the Arduino Alexa Skill, now you...
Window Alarm Annunciator

Make This Arduino Uno-Based Window Alarm Annunciator

Presented here is a window alarm annunciator based on Arduino Uno board. An annunciator is mainly used in process plants, power plants and industries...
Noise Detector with Automatic Recording System

Noise Detector with Automatic Recording System Using Arduino With The IoT

Noise pollution is a growing problem in modern cities, thanks to rapid population growth, urbanisation and new technologies. Moreover, at times, a noisy neighbour...

How To Correct “No such file or directory” Error In Arduino Programming

Are you trying to run an Arduino sketch, but keep coming across a "No such file or directory" error? This is a pretty common...

Temperature Based Fan Speed Control And Monitoring Using Arduino

This project is a standalone automatic fan speed controller that controls the speed of an electric fan according to the requirement. Use of embedded...
PC based oscilloscope using Arduino

PC-based Oscilloscope Using Arduino

Oscilloscopes are an essential tool for electronics hobbyists and professionals to verify that their designs would work as expected. PC based Oscilloscope score over...

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