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T&M in Mission-Critical Aerospace and Defence

As public-private partnership in aerospace and defence catalyses indigenous design and manufacturing, test and measurement holds great potential from design to delivery in the...

Test & Measurement: An Innovation A Day!

The T&M world is innovating at a rapid pace, to keep in step with the developments taking place in its client industries, ranging from...

WiMAX Testing, Step by Step

Based on orthogonal frequency-division multiple-access (OFDMA) and multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technologies, WiMAX systems require specialised test equipment from design to deployment stage SHWETA DHADIWAL BAID Worldwide...

Industry-Grade Equipment For Academia

Engineers are created in labs. Hence it is essential to keep the lab equipment current and close to the real world to create engineers...

Design And Test Challenges Of Frequency-Hopping Radios

The erratic behaviour of frequency-hopped signals makes them difficult to capture, verify and measure. Hence more effective tools and processes are required to design...

Looking Into The Brain For Lie Detection

Though the reliability of brain scanning for lie detection is still under question, these tests are fast becoming popular with the crime investigating teams....

Automatic Room Power Controller

An ordinary automatic room power control circuit has only one light sensor. So when a person enters,the room it gets one pulse and the...

9-Line Telephone Sharer

This circuit is able to handle nine independent telephones (using a single telephone line pair) located at nine different locations, say, up to a...

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