15 Free eBooks on C Programming


If we talk about the most used programming languages in electronics engineering, like Python, C is probably one of the most used language in electronics. So now its time for some free C Programming ebooks. Enjoy!

Atithya Amaresh

(click on the title of each eBook to download it)

1. Functional C

Author: Pieter Hartel, Henk Muller

Publisher: Addison-Wesley, 1999

The book teaches how to program in C, assuming that the student has already learnt how to formulate algorithms in a functional style. The student will become a better C programmer, capable of writing programs that are easier to maintain.

2. A to Z of C

Author: K. Joseph Wesley, R. Rajesh Jeba Anbiah

Published in: 2008

This is an intermediate to advanced C programming book writen for C lovers, students, programmers, and other enthusiasts. The book is written to open many secrets of C, it also introduces various approaches to solve different problems.

3. Learn C The Hard Way

Author: Zed A. Shaw

Publisher: LCodeTHW, 2011

A clear and direct introduction to modern C programming. The purpose of this book is to get you strong enough in C that you’ll be able to write your own software in it, or modify someone else’s code. The text is not for beginners.

4. Programming in C

Author: Bharat Kinariwala, Tep Dobry

Publisher: University of Hawaii at Manoa, 1993

Contents: Designing Programs Top Down; Processing Character Data; Numeric Data Types and Expression Evaluation; Pointers; Arrays; Functions and Files; Two Dimensional Arrays; Sorting and Searching; String Processing; Structures and Unions; etc.

5. Object-Oriented Programming with ANSI-C

Author: Axel-Tobias Schreiner

Published in: 1999

In this book, we are going to use ANSI-C to discover how object-oriented programming is done, what its techniques are, why they help us solve bigger problems, and how we harness generality and program to catch mistakes earlier.



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