Instrumentation Engineering: What Do Graduates Have In Store Now

Scope of Instrumentation Engineering


There are ‘other’ sectors as well

If you think that you deserve to work in diverse fields, after your Instrumentation, then you have sectors, that involve complete utilisation of your academic skills without you having to take up custom-made courses externally, such as electronics, telecommunication, electrical, and mechanical. Companies having a focus in these areas are also open to absorbing fresh instrumentation graduates.

Check out a list of currently ‘hot’ jobs – experts advise you to check out now

As per Aishwarya, the below jobs are currently hot and offer optimal pay packages. Though these specifically target the experienced instrumentation engineers, it  should do no harm for even freshers to check out for vacancies in these companies:

  • Namo Engineering Pvt. Ltd: Designation offered – Instrumentation/Rotary engineers. Pay Package: Rs 6 lakh- Rs 10 lakh per annum. Freshers are also seemingly welcome.
  • ACE Systems: Designation Offered – Instrumentation Engineers. Pay Package – Rs 4 lakh per annum for freshers. As per Aishwarya, ACE Systems post requirements frequently. So you could begin your job hunting from this company.
  • TR Manpower Consultants: Designation Offered (by a client of this company)- Instrumentation Engineer. Pay Package – Rs 7 lakh – Rs 10 lakh per annum.

Which are the hotbeds in India for instrumentation?

Experts have rated Indian geographies such as Noida, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore as hotspots for opportunities in instrumentation.

Don’t divert from instrumentation

With vast openings, experts advise fresh engineers to stick to their specialisation (instrumentation) and improvise here,, rather than taking up an IT-related course externally by spending valuable money. Don’t trade your acquired skills for an external unrelated course. Most often than not you would end up in no man’s land. signs-off the BVB College professor.

Major contributors to the article:

Dr Ali KhwajaChairman of Banjara Academy, and expert career counsellor
Aishwarya SharmaCommercial Manager at Neuvoo (job search engine)
Bastin RobinChief Data Scientist at Bengaluru-based Hash Research Labs
Engineering students across Karnataka numbering 100
A senior Recruiter at a Bengaluru-based instrumentation firm
A professor (anonymous) at BVB College of Engineering and Technology

Written by Rahul R, senior technical journalist at EFY



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