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Knocki can make any surface smart enough to respond to taps

Knocki is a small white wireless device that can sit or be mounted on any smooth surface to transform it into a smartremote for controlling home devices. Makers of Knocki have invented a patent-pending technology called SurfaceLink that is installed on Knocki to pick up taps that you make on the installed surface whether it is a wall, table top or door.

To get things started, you have to fire up the companion Android or iOS app and configure the tap sequence to do a particular task. Tap sequences can range from simple single taps to multiple taps to a combination of taps. Then, you can assign a tap sequence to do a particular task.

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Knocki is a smartdevice that transforms walls, tables, doors and other surfaces into powerful remote controls (Image courtesy: www.geeky-gadgets.com)

Knocki also serves as a security device. If you have it installed on your door and paired it with your home security system, you will be able to knock your way into your home by tapping the set password knock sequence. You can activate your security alarm and know when the door is opened. You can use Knocki to send pre-programmed alerts or texts to your family members to let them know that you are leaving or have reached home.



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