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Peggy, the smart clothes peg

Unilever’s laundry detergent brand OMO has unveiled the world’s first connected clothes peg named Peggy in the Australian market. On top of Peggy there is a UV sensor, which is used to monitor the amount of sunlight. This helps the connected app to tell the user if the conditions are suitable for drying clothes. This same information is cemented with the help of a temperature sensor and a humidity sensor. Both sensors also let the user know if the weather outside is being dominated by rain clouds or not. The connected app also lets you know if rains are imminent and whether you should collect the clothes from outside.

photo 6
Peggy warns users when the washing is dry and when it is about to rain (Image Courtesy: https://www.omo.com.au/peggy)

Peggy is being marketed with OMO, and so the connected app also features tools that help users with wash cycles. For example, the app tells which time is best suitable for washing your clothes. Depending upon the wash load, it calculates the time that will be taken to complete the wash and dry cycles.




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