How Startups Can Hasten Design Without Burning Through Funds

By Ramani Sundaresan and Dilin Anand


The other bonus of working with a testing service provider is that you will very often get free design help without having to explicitly pay for it. Test service providers are perfectly positioned to employ the best engineers available in the industry because use of their skills at a testing facility are maximised. Getting an experienced pair of eyes to look at your products and review could help you identify quirks or implement tweaks that could help take your product up a notch.

We once had a firm that wanted to get Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification for a wireless product that they had designed. Since it is pretty expensive to get FCC certification where the process is an arduous one, they got their products tested and fine-tuned by external authorities before they were confident enough to attempt and get it FCC-certified, which they eventually did. The customer not only saved a lot of money in the process, but also precious time-to-market.

However, more often than not, standalone testing labs charge for pay-per-use scenario, and you end up doing just the testing. Some companies like Avnet India are now coming out with testing as a service. As previously seen in the software testing space, testing as a service lets you leverage test equipment in addition to design service consultation, schematic and layout design and review, firmware development, and final design testing and verification.

Go ahead, make your investor proud

Whether it is an angel investor in the form of your family or a venture capitalist who trusts you to multiply his money, startups owe them a successful project.

Today, we are living in a world where we can give startups a faster start. The objective for any successful project is faster time-to-market. Advice shared in this article is not about addressing a lack of skills, but to optimise the way you leverage people around you to save money and time.

Ramani Sundaresan is managing director, Avnet India

Dilin Anand is executive editor at EFY. He is B.Tech in ECE from University of Calicut, and MBA from Christ University, Bengaluru


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