7 Free eBooks+Tutorials on OP Amp


On popular demand, we bring to you a collection of helpful ebooks and tutorials to help you understand op amps better. Happy reading!

Atithya Amaresh

1. Op Amp Applications Handbook

Author: Walt Jung

Op Amp Applications Handbook covers the application of op amps on a broader scope. It brings some new perspectives to op amp applications by mentioning insight into op amp origins and historical developments which are not available elsewhere. Within its major chapters it also offers fundamental discussions of basic op amp operation; the roles of various device types (including both op amps and other specialty amplifiers, such as instrumentation amplifiers); the procedures for optimal interfacing to other system components such as ADCs and DACs, signal conditioning and filtering in data processing systems and a wide variety of signal amplifiers.

2. Operational Amplifiers: Theory and Practice

Author: James K. Roberge & Kent H. Lundberg

Publisher: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

From the op amps basics to its advanced applications, this exhaustive collection of 13 chapters covers almost everything you need to know about op amps.

3. Op Amps for Everone

Author: Ron Mancini

Publisher: Texas Instrument

Everyone interested in analog electronics should find some value in this book, and an effort has been made to make the material understandable to the relative novice while not too boring for the practicing engineer. Special effort has been taken to ensure that each chapter can stand alone for the reader with the proper background.



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